US Relations with Cuba


Fidel Castro rages war with Feulgencio Batista

1956 - 1959

Castro wins control of Cuba


US starts secretly training Cuban exiles

March 1960

Eisenhower cuts off Diplomatic Relations with Cuba

January 3 1961

Bay of Pigs Invasion fails

April 17 1961

USSR increases Nuclear Weapons sent to Cuba

June 1962 - August 1962

US learns of nuclear launch pads in Cuba

October 14 1962

Kennedy informs public of launch pads in Cuba

October 22 1962

US starts quarantining Cuba

October 24 1962

Approaching Soviet ships hault

October 25 1962

Khrushchev tells US he will pull nukes from Cuba

October 28 1962

Castro bans exiles from coming to Cuba

November 1962

US allows Cubans to rejoin family in Miami