Untitled timeline


PSOE deals with economic crisis

1982 - 1985

Alianza Popular changed to Popular Party


Aznar elected President of PP


In April 1990, at the Tenth Congress of the PP, Aznar was elected president of the party.

Barcelona Olympics and Seville Expo


Both events concealed the erosion of social support

Crisis deepens

1992 - 1993

There is an outbreak of corruption scandals and lawsuits related to GAL which lead to home office leaders to be jailed.

Euro is accepted


Economic Growth

1996 - 2000

There was economic along with the end of the political tension and the other parties leadership crisis facilitated the PP to
obtain an absolute majority in the 2000 elections

PSOE losses elections

1996 - 2000

PSOE finally lost the elections against the renewed
Party led by José María Aznar

Education reform


The strong response to the education reform of 2002 resulted as another obstacle in the comfortable political hegemony of the PP

PSOE wins general elections

2004 - 2008

PSOE won making José Luis Rodríguez
Zapatero the fifth president to take power in democratic Spain

PSOE wins again

2008 - 2012

PSOE and Zapatero won again the general elections with majority of seat.

New agreement for regional funding

2008 - 2012

a new agreement was reached for regional funding, and the advertising in RTVE was eliminated, strengthening its public service nature