Spain from the 1980s - Now


Franco's Death

November 20, 1975

PSOE In Power

1982 - 1996

Lose to the PP


December 14, 1988

Disagreements between the nationalists and unions led to the call for a strike

Reformation of the PP

January 1989

Aznar elected President of PP

January 1990

PP In Power


PP, under Jose Aznar, takes control

PP Prospers

1996 - 2000

Economic growth and the absence of political tension allows PP to be re-elected

Education Reform


General Strike

June 20, 2002

First major political defeat for the PP, which called for more of a dialogue between the people and the government

Oil Spill in Galicia

November 2002

Madrid Bombings

March 11, 2004

Terrorist attacks leave Madrid with 192 dead and 2,100 injured


March 14 2004

PSOE wins majority three days after Madrid bombings

PSOE and Zapatero Win

March 9, 2008

Good times keep rollin for Spain and the PSOE as economic activity grows and social issues are being addressed

PP and Rajoy win

November 20, 2011

Current Prime Minster Rajoy wins absolute majority