Spain 1980s to Today


Death to Dictatorship

November 20, 1975

Fransico Franco dies after years of being the last dictator of Spain.


February 23, 1981

200 soldiers and members of the
paramilitary Civil Guard stormed the lower house of the Spanish Parliament, led by y Lieutenant
Colonel Antonio Tejero Molina

Election Commitment


This election commitment referendum on Nato.

PSOE Faces Challenges

1982 - 1985

PSOE has to deal with the endless economic crisis, the embers of Tejero's failed coup, and a terrorist attack.


1982 - 1996

PSOE is power, and in 1993 PSOE victors rule by narrow vote.

UGT lead to Strike

December 1988

The disagreements on the economic policies, mainly by the UGT, leads to a general strike.

Popular Party

January 1989

Alianza Party congress changed the party name to Popular Party, and Fransisco Alvarez Cases was elected the Secretary General.

Popular Party Elections

September 1989

PP chooses Jose Maria to run for office.

Elections for presidency

October 1989


April 1990

Aznar is elected President

Popular Party


The Popular Party is becoming popular and won local and regional elections.

Concealing of the Social Support


The Barcelona Olympics and the Seville Expo concealed the crosien of the social support.


1992 - 1993

Crisis outbreaks of corruption scandals, lawsuits take way and home office leaders get sent to prison.

Euro Currency


The Euro is elected as the name of the single currency in Europe, and any country in the EU.

Popular Party

1996 - 2004

Finally the PSOE loses elections againts the Popular party led by Jose Maria Aznar. And in 2000, its the end of political tension of the last stage of PSOE when the PP obtain absolute majority.

Economic Growth

1996 - 2000

Reform of Education


Education reforms take place, and the universities become concerned.

Euro in Spain


Spain now has the Euro as the currency.


June 2002

The general strike against the government due to employment oppurtunities decreasing.

Oil Tanker Crisis

November 2002

A prestige crisis follows an oil tanker accident off the Galician coast.


March 2004

The worst terrorist attack in Europe of all time hits Madrid by radical Islamists.


March 2004 - 2008

Won elections with Jose Luis Rodriguez as the 5th president.
Jobs created
Economy grows, again
Gender is balanced in government
Homosexual marriage is legalized
Law against domestic abuse
Equality Act
Long Term Care Act
Becomes Important Donor Country

International Iniciative

April 2007

Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero propsed the international iniciative of Alliance of Civilizations, and it has now become official program of United Nations.


2008 - 2012

Wins election again, with Zapatero

People's Party

2011 - 2012

People's Party voted most popular form of Government led by Mariaro Rejoy who wanted to address the economic crisis, reconstruction of reforms and creation of jobs.