History of the Forsaken


Major Events in the United States and Across the Globe.

Roanoke Colonists


The Roanoke colony disappears, Forsaken Legend suggests that these colonists were actually Forsaken that moved into the wilderness and abandoned the city for the wild.

Brethren War

01/01/1961 - 08/03/2000

The Breathren war was a protracted global conflict between the Pure and the Forsaken that effected the lives of almost every Forsaken member on the planet. Officially the war ended with the Battle of the Boulders in 1997 and a cease fire lasted until the signing of the Pact of the Spirit Arrow in the United States. Unofficially the war has continued in many other countries, flaring up from a cold war to a hot war in many cases.

Fight against the Idigiam

03/12/1969 - 03/12/1971

A Spirit creature of some power founded an empire in the United States and moved against the forsaken. The creature took members of both the Forsaken and the Pure and twisted them into corrupted Servants and tools. The Pure and Forsaken held a cease fire that lasted for two years to join forces against this foe.

Battle of Boulders


Last Major engagement of the Brethren War that caused a major wound and summoned Dread Wolf. Only because of the combined effort of the Pure and the Forsaken was the creature dispatched and the battle ended. Scores of Forsaken were killed during the engagement.

The carnage of this battle would eventually serve as a reason for the Pact of the Spirit Arrow.

Pact of the Spirit Arrow

08/30/2000 - 07/31/2013

The Pact of the Spirit Arrow was a monumental achievement and an utter disappointment. The Pact brought an end to the conflict between the Pure and the Forsaken in the United States, bringing the decades long conflict to an end. However, not all nations agreed to the treaty, nor all Forsaken. Both sides now engage in a long cold war over territories, vying for even the smallest advantage. Who knows how long the pact will last?


Major Events in the Canadian Venue of Forsaken

Roanoke Colonists


Some Forsaken believe the first of the Roanoke survivors appeared in Canada and began to marry into Native tribes. Eventually Founded the Weston-Brown Wolf blooded Family in modern day Ontario.

Arrival of Forsaken in the New World


This is the believed first arrival of the Forsaken in the New World, though highly debated among the People.

The Beaver Wars

1638 - 1701

The Beaver Wars were a series of engagements between the Iroquois with other native tribes and French Colonies. The attacks were a cover for Pure activity against the Forsake that resulted in some of the worst massacres until the Brethren War.

Council of the White

8/7/1867 - 04/01/2014

The Council of the White was established shortly after confederation as a method of maintaining relations with the various Forsaken in Canada. The council would meet every six months to discuss issues that could affect the entire country.

The councillors, sometimes refereed to as White Hairs, originally for the style at the time and more modernly for the age of the council's members, originally numbered six to represent the six largest communities of Forsaken. As Canada expanded the council grew as well and has had up to 12 members in the strongest days of the Forsaken. In the modern era the council currently numbers 9 members.

Brethren War: Northern Shield

02/04/1965 - 07/13/1970

A Major Operation was launched by the Dominion during the Brethren War to capture Canada. Sometimes jokingly refered to as '1812 Mark 2' large numbers of Anshega from the United States were used as shock troops to attempt to overwhelm the Forsaken strongholds in Canada. The attack was beaten back and eventually called to a close to deal with Idigiam incursion in the United States.

Pure Conquest of Toronto


After their other successful Canadian Attacks, the Pure Establish Control of Toronto and make it the seat of the Dominion.

Rejection of the Pact of the Spirit Arrow


The Forsaken of Canada, represented by the council of Elders rejected the terms of the Spirit Pact by a narrow margin. Some of the council was strongly in favor of allowing time to rebuild, but many of the representatives had seen too much lost to the hands of the Pure and wished to reclaim their lost territory before striking a peace.

The Fatherland: Kitchener/Waterloo

Major Events for the Domain of Kitchener/Waterloo known locally as The Fatherland.

Scattered Skirmishes

1850 - 1870

Raids and Skirmishes dotted the lands of the Grand River Valley surrounding the new Hamlet of Berlin. The Anshega infected the population with outbreaks of Smallpox, killed livestock, set fire to buildings, and did battle directly with the local packs. The attacks were aimed at dislodging the Urdaga’s control over the area and inciting the shadow into open rebellion, but all failed; The Urdaga’s defenses were simply too strong, their roots were already too deep in the land.

First Settlement of Forsaken in the Fatherland


Forsaken emigrated to the area with both the German settlers, Loyalists, and Natives that had come to make up much of the inhabitants in the wake of the war of 1812. Strong in this wild habitat, they were able to move relatively unchecked through the wilderness of both the real and the Shadow.

Arrival of the Brant Wolfblooded


The Brant Family arrives to the Waterloo Region with a large number of native colonists moving from the United States. Life has grown inhospitable there and the Brant family still has some claimed land in the region.

Victoria Park Created


Victoria Park was created, some say with the help of the local Forsaken.

Dawn of the Four Families


The Four Ruling wolf blooded families of the Fatherland allied together and formed a Protectorate for mutual protection and proper governance. The government was based around a council of wolves that would meet regularly in a glade to work towards controlling the fatherland and managing its territory.

Rule of the Four Families

8/9/1940 - 08/03/1994

this period marked the beginning of long era of stability and prosperity for the Uratha. The Anshega threat diminished as the war ended, the Uratha only guessing that their numbers had been more depleted than their own. The packs worked to secure their territories, engaged in minor skirmishes with small packs of Anshega, spirits, and each other. The packs were victorious over their enemies, and the four families prospered and grew.

Treaty of Cambridge Established


After a short and bloody encounter with a group of mages in the Spirit, the Forsaken and Mages sign an non aggression pact based on the grand river. Mages vow not to cross it if the Werewolves do not.

Establishment of the Dominion in Canada


First Recalled mention of the Dominion is overheard by a Forsaken Pack in Toronto. It is believed this conversation was shortly after the Establishment of the Ashen Council.

Fall of the Fatherland

08/03/1994 - 08/07/1994

The Pure through treachery and force were able to overwhelm the Forsaken Defenders of the Fatherland and Seize Control of the Fatherland. Remaining Forsaken were forced to retreat to St Jacobs.

Forsaken Ask Assistance of the Mages


The Forsaken reach out to the Mages for assistance with the pure Invasion, but the Mages reject their pleas for assistance stating that they have their own concerns.

Formation of the Free State of St Jacobs Protectorate


The remaining packs who had fled the fall of the Fatherland formed a new Protectorate, allying themselves together with the goal of one day reclaiming their homeland.

Pure Sign Agreement with Local Mages


The Agreement previously met with the Mages of Cambridge is extended to the Pure. The Forsaken are still unsure who reached out, but hatred filled their heart for the mages this day.

Rule of the Pure

09/07/1994 - 06/01/2013

The Pure Rule of the Fatherland is brutal, occupying the territory previously held by the Forsaken and fortifying their control over the cities.

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