History of the Internet

by Hunter


Internet is Born


A message was sent from a computer at UCLA to one at Stanford and the Internet was officially started.

Interney Growth is Slow


The number of computers hooked up on the internet grows from 4 to just 13.

Finally 100 Computers are hooked up to the Internet


By 1971 23 computers were on the net, but it wasn't until 1977 that the Internet had 100 computers involved.

Computers with Internet hook up reaches 1,000


It took a while for the Internet to catch on. Most of the computers were large and only available to Universities and large companies.

Internet increases expansion


Now 10,000 computers on the Internet

Rapid Internet Growth Begins


By the end of 1989, over 100,000 computers were on the Internet

Internet Growth Explodes


Over One-Million computers now on Internet

Internet Becomes Common Household Tool


Now over 10 Million Users connected on the Internet

Exponential Growth of Internet


Over 100 Million Computers linked on Internet

Internet a World-Wide Phenomenon

2002 - 2013

There are currently over 1.7 Billion users online and it is still growing as under-developed nations gain access to technology

Significant Contributions to the Internet

Everyone Loves FREE Stuff (Gutenberg Project)


Access to over 30,000 books for free on the Internet. It was founded in 1971 by Michael S. Hart and is the oldest digital library.

"You've Got Mail" AMerica Online is launched

1981 - 2001

AOL became the simple way to use the internet for less technical people.

World Wide Web created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee

1989 - 1990

During this year Sir Berners-Lee created a web application that operated on top of the Internet.

Openness Matters: Open Source Code

1991 - 2013

Free Software Code that allows people to make improvements and use it for free. This allows for group contribution and fast growth of information, like Wikipedia.

Web Sites Explode in Number

1998 - 2008

As of 2008 there are over 260 million web sites on the internet

Everyone Loves FREE Stuff: (Sourceforge)


It acts as a centralized location for software developers to control and manage free and open source software development.

Everyone Loves FREE Stuff( Wikipedia Free Info Starts)


Wikipedia gets started and people jump onto the information highway....

Everyone Loves FREE Stuff...(YouTube)


Millions of Hours of Shared Video.

Everyone Loves FREE Stuff...(PANDORA)


Pandora: Listen to open source music streamed for free.

Everyone Love FREE Stuff...(HULU)


Thousands of Movie and TV programs streamed for free.