Timeline- The Launch of E-Reader Type Products


(1994) E-Commerce emerges


Companies such as Amazon, Dell, and eBay opened gate to new marketing and buying trends

(2002-2011) Number of independent bookstores in U.S. drop from 2,400 to 1,900.

2002 - 2011

(2003) Second 3G Network introduced in the U.S. by Verizon


While there were 3G networks introduced before this one, none of them were as reliable or sophisticated.

(2004-2010) Amazon’s revenue grows from $16.9 billion to $34.2 billion.

2004 - 2010

(2006-2011) Number of self-published books in U.S. grows by 287%.

2006 - 2011

(2007) Amazon launches Kindle


First high-quality e-reader.

(2007) Recession hits the United States.


The recession shattered business and consumer confidence in brick-and-mortar stores. People avoided stores due to fear of spending, but still surfed the web. This made them more open to online purchases because of social marketing.

(Oct 2009) Barnes and Noble releases the Nook e-reader.

October 2009

Barnes and Noble releases own e-reader to compete with Amazon and other e-reader companies.

(2010) Apple releases iPad.


iPad revolutionized the tablet category. Also, an indication that e-reader type products are moving more towards a technological battle.

(2011-2012) 28% drop in amount of e-readers sold.

2011 - 2012

(2011-2012) Tablet sales reach greater than 122 million.

2011 - 2012

(2011) E-readers being sold everywhere (distribution stores).


Ex: Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc.

(Sept 2011) Borders bookstore chain closes due to bankruptcy.

September 2011

After 40 years of business, Borders goes out of business because it cannot compete with online book retailing/e-readers.

(2012) $262 million loss in Nook revenues.


Clear indication that Barnes and Noble is not able to compete with the tablets and services provided by Amazon, Apple, and other companies.

(March 2012) Barnes and Noble behind Amazon and Apple in E-Book Market Share

March 2012

This shows how Barnes and Noble lacks the strong digital content that Amazon and Apple have to offer. Traditional retailers, such as Barnes and Noble, simply do not have the funding to keep up technologically.

(1st Qrtr of 2012) Adult E-book sales surpass hardcover sales by $52.7 million.

March 2012

(1st Quarter of 2012) Adult E-book sales up to $282.3 million, surpassing hardcover sales at $229.6 million.

(Oct-Nov 2012) 18% increase in the use of e-books by Americans 16 and up.

10/01/2012 - 11/01/2012

(Nov 2012) Google releases Nexus 7 Tablet

November 2012

This was inspired by the release of the iPad and further fueled the technological advancement of tablets.