History of the Internet


Internet is Born

October 29, 1969

Originally called ARPANET.

Internet Grows


Grows from 4 computers on the network to 13 computers.

Broke 100 Computer Barrier


Finally broke the barrier of 100 computers on the network.

1,000 Computers


More than 1,000 computers were now on the network.

Another Barier


10,000 computers are on the network.

In just Two Years


The computers on the network grew from 10,000 to over 100,000. This is about the time computers began to make home appearances.

One Million


At this point in time over one million computers have been connected to the network.

Further Growth


By 1996 there were over 10 million users.

Just Keeps Growing


By this time over 100 million computers have been connected.



Today there are over 1.7 billion users connected to the network.

Significant Contributions to the Internet

Openness Matters


Open sources existed long before the internet. Through the internet, open source describes the idea that software code is made freely available to anybody who wants to use it. Software that is not open source is often called ‘proprietary’ code. An open source is always free!

The World Wide Web

1989 - 1990

WWW was created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee during a year-long period.

The Internet Explodes

1990 - 2000

In 1990 there was only one website. by 1993 there were 623 websites. By 1997, the number of websites grew to 1,681,868. In 2000 website numbers grew to 25,675,581.

America Online


AOL, at it's height, had over 30 million users.

The New Free Culture


It isn’t free to connect to the web, but once you’re there, it’s pretty easy to find all the content you want—for free.

Free Stuff Examples


Gutenberg Project – over 30,000 books
Hulu – Thousands of movies and TV programs
Wikipedia – millions of articles on many subjects
Sourceforge – 230,000 software programs
Youtube – millions of hours of video
Pandora/Grooveshark – thousands of songs