Hank Sims

Life Events

Born January 17th, 1948


First Change


During a forward reconnaissance by his platoon in Quang Tri Province, Harold is caught in a counter-ambush at his sniper position. Extreme stress triggers his First Change, and he tears apart the three VC sent to kill him.

Cult Extermination: Jowzjan

September 27, 1985

Hank stumbles across a mixed Soviet/Afghan religious cult in Jowzjan province. Initially drawn by the bizarre mixture, Hank discovers evidence that they are involved in some seriously demented practices, and that most of the members have odd deformities of some sort. Acting on the belief that any cult that gives you deformities is probably a bad thing, Hank arranges to ambush the cult during one of their ceremonies and wipes them out root and branch. Needless to say, the report on this particular incident bore little resemblance to reality.

Fakes Own Death


To avoid any uncomfortable questions as to why he looks like he's in his 20s when he's closing in on 45, Harold fakes his death during an operation in Iraq during the First Gulf War. He uses the First Change of Taylor Satterfield, a new Maeran as cover, given the sheer destruction Satterfield wreaks on Highway 8 into Iraq. As a bonus, he also manages to escape the man pursuing him: James O'Neill.

Military/Intelligence Service

Marine Corps Service

02/06/1966 - 08/23/1968

Basic Training, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and Scout Sniper Basic Course, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.
Then transfers to Vietnam.

Sent to War


Arrives in Okinawa to join James O'Neill's (played by Christopher Young) platoon.

Quang Tri Province


Unit is transferred to Quang Tri Province, where they suffer harsh conditions, scarce resources, and death.

Khe Sahn


Heavy fighting with VC forces at the village of Khe Sahn.

Recruited by CIA


Attracted the attention of the CIA after racking up 112 confirmed kills in Leatherneck Square during the month of July alone.

Leaves Vietnam


After helping to cover the evacuation of U.S. Marines from the American embassy, Harold leaves a few little surprises for the arriving North Vietnamese forces and exits the country by a small RHIB that delivers him to the USS Duluth in the early hours of May 3rd.

Sojourn in Afghanistan

June 9, 1980 - August 23, 1983

On the ground in Afghanistan. Primarily acting as a broker in arms sales to Afghan insurgents, Hank also carries out a number of assassinations of mid- to high-value targets among both the Soviet and Afghan militaries.

Invasion of Grenada

October 25, 1983 - January 3, 1984

Hank accompanies a company of Rangers during the invasion of Grenada. It is his first encounter with Taylor Satterfield.

Sojourn in Afghanistan II: Electric Boogaloo

May 18, 1984 - November 4, 1986

Hank's second trip to Afghanistan.


Joins the Accord


When James O'Neill finally tracks him down, Hank has that Jowzjan report waved under his nose and is recruited into the Accord and the Corps of Engineers at the same time.