The Cold War

Major Events

Yalta Confrence

February 4, 1945

The start of the Cold War.

Korean War

june, 1950 - july, 1953

Bay of Pigs Invasion

April, 1961

Cuban Missile Crisis

October, 1962

President Kennedy Assassinated

November, 1963

Iranian Hostage Crisis

November 1979

Cold War Ends

august 1991

Surrenders, Takeovers and New Players

Russia Enters WWII against Japan

August 9, 1945

Japanese Surrender

august 14, 1945

Czechoslovakia taken over by Communists

February, 1948

Mao Zedong and the Red Army take control of China

september, 1949

Vietnam split

july, 1954

Fidel Castro takes control of Cuba

January 1959

USSR stops Czechoslovakian revolt

August 1968

Chilean government overthrown with US help

september, 1973

North Vietnam beats South Vietnam

April 17, 1975

Shah of Iran Overthrown

November 1979

Mikhail Gorbachev gains power in Soviet Union



Marshall Plan Announced

June 5, 1947

NATO established

July, 1949

Federal Civil Defense Administration

January 12, 1951

Warsaw Pact Formed

May, 1955

John F. Kennedy elected President

November, 1960

Kennedy increases military spending by 25%

July, 1961

Limited Test Ban Treaty ratified

July, 1963

Nixon includes Cambodia in Vietnam War

April 1970

SALT I signed

July 1972

Ceasefire in Vietnam

January 1973

Nixon resigns

August, 1974

SALT II signed

July, 1979

Strategic Defense Initiative proposed


Iran-Contra Affair


US and Soviet Union sign treaty to remove nuclear missiles

October 1987

Boris Yeltsin elected to presidency of Russia

May 29, 1990

End of Warsaw Pact

April 1991

Scientific Advancements

Soviets test their first atomic bomb

September, 1949

Sputnik Launched

October 4, 1957

Apollo 11

July 20, 1969

Tensions Change

The bombing of Hiroshima

August 6, 1945

The US becomes the first country to use an atomic bomb in war, against the Japanese.

"Iron Curtain" Speach

March 5, 1946

Berlin Blockade

June 5, 1947 - June 24, 1948

Joe McCarthy begins Communist "witch hunt"

february, 1950

KGB Established

March, 1954

Khrushchev demands military withdrawal from Berlin

November, 1958

USSR shoots down U.S. spy plane

May, 1960

Berlin Border Closed

August 13, 1961

Berlin Wall Started

August 17, 1961

Gulf of Tonkin Incident

August, 1964

US sends 150,000 troops to Vietnam

July, 1965

North Korea captures U.S.S Pueblo

January 1968

Soviet Troops withdraw from Afghanistan

january 1989

Poland becomes independent

june 1989

Hungary becomes independent

september 1989

Berlin Wall falls

november 1989