World War 1


Sarajero killed

June 28 1914

Archduke Franz Ferdinand killed Sarajero with a gun shot to the head.

Germany declares war on France

August 3, 1914

Germany was at war with many countries so why not France.

All of Europe was at war

August 4, 1914

Europe was fighting different people all over the globe.

First battle of Marne

September 5 1914 - September 10 1914

The first battle of Marne killed more than 500,000 men.

First battle of Ypres

October 1914 - November 1914

The first battle of Ypres lasted nearly a month.

Lusitania sunk

May 7 1915

The US boat Lusitania was sunk by the Germans.

Tsar Nicholas

September 5 1915

Tsar Nicholas was a commander of the Russian Army fleet.

Allied withdraw from Gallipoli

December 28 1915

Allied US troops were withdrew from battle to go see there families.

Woodrow Wilson re-elected

November 7 1916

Woodrow Wilson was re-elected president for his second term.

Rasputin murdered

December 31 1916

Rasputin was murdered in battle in WWI.

Germany declared unrestricted sub warfare

February 1 1917

Germany declared unrestricted sub warfare on the USA.

Laconia sunk

February 24 1917

The Germans sunk the Laconia with an underwater missile.

Treaty of the Central Powers

March 3 1918

The treaty of Brest Litovsk was signed to keep the Central Powers in line.

Battle of Meuse Argonne

September 1918 - November 1918

The battle of Meuse Argonne was one of the last battles fought in WWI.

World War I is over

November 11 1918

World War one ends with a United States victory.