Mexican War Timeline


Texas Declared independence from Mexico


James K. Polk elected president of the United States


John Slidell sent to Mexico City


Sent by President Polk to negotiate making Rio Grande Mexico's northern border.

Texas joined the Union

March 3, 1845

California Declared an Independent Republic

June 14, 1845

Bear Flag Revolt, led by John C. Frémont.

U.S. patrol attacked by Mexican troops

May 9, 1846

Mexican forces crossed the Rio Grande and attacked a U.S. patrol.

Congress Declares War on Mexico

May 13, 1846

Monterey Captured

July, 1846

Captured by U.S. Marines led by John Sloat.

Troops led by Stephen Kearny occupy Santa Fe

August, 1846

Also seizes New Mexico.

Conquest of California Ended


Final battle at San Gabriel, troops led by Kearny and Robert F. Stockton.

Santa Anna Captured

February, 1847

Taylor led 5,000 troops against the 15,000 Mexican troops and forced Santa Anna to withdraw.

Veracruz Captured

March 1847

10,000 troops led by Winfield Scott.

Mexico City Surrenders

September 14, 1847

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Ended the War.

February, 1848

Gadsden Purchase


Juan Cortina leads raids on Texas land

1859 - 1870

Juan Cortina shot a Texas marshal and fled to Mexico, though he continued to raid Texas ranches, businesses and attack Texas law enforcers.