Cuban Invents Timeline


Cuba Gets involved in WW1 on the Alies side.

April 7, 1917

ABC Demonstration and Havannah Festival Attacked

June 16, 1934 - June 17, 1934

Communitst Party Legalized

September 1938

Sovient Embassy opened in Havanna


Edurado Chibas Commits Sucide on live radio

May 15, 1951

He was the leader of the Orthodox party and mentor of Fidel Castro.

160 revolutionaries under Castro got arrested

July 26, 1953

They launched an attack on the Moncada Barracks

Fidel and surving members are relesed from prison

May 1955

University Students plan an attack on the Presidential Palace in Havanna.

March 13, 1957

Raul Castro takes leadership of Escopeteros

February 1959

Fidel Castro becomes Premier of Cuba

February 16, 1959