Taylor Satterfield




Born to "Pappy Satterfield" and Ginger Smith, Pappy, being the young and dumb man that he is -- Doesn't mention to Ginger the other women that have been in his life, and leaves frequently.

Yomi Satterfield

June 08, 1980

Pappy comes home with a young Vietnamese girl of about 12 and announces that this was his daughter from a previous relationship in Vietnam.

Enlistment in the Army


Taylor comes home one day to find Pappy sitting at the kitchen table with a Recruiter, hands Taylor a bag full of clothes and tells him to go with the Recruiter. He finds himself shipped out to MEPS and off to Basic Training the very next day.


03/18/1983 - 01/28/2013

Active Army Career


October 25, 1983 - December 15, 1983

Ranger Training

June 01, 1985 - August 01, 1985

<blank> Satterfield

August 12, 1985

Pappy informs Ginger of another child from another relationship he's been having on the side.

Ginger commits Suicide


After years of dealing with depression and the realization that Pappy was not the man he said he was -- and blatant affairs with other women, she slits her wrists in the bathtub. Taylor doesn't learn of this for another three years.


March 1988


December 20, 1989 - January 12, 1990

Gulf War

01/17/1991 - 02/28/1991

First Change


After the news of his mother's death as little more then a sidenote in a letter from home, Taylor began to act more bestial and feral and very defensive. During a ground attack in the Gulf War, Taylor shifts into this Massive Were-Bull Mastiff, Hound, Pit Bull mix thing and starts clawing his way through the "Highway of Death" adding to the vicious death toll.

Zero Company

03/04/1991 - 01/28/2013

After the Highway of Death, the Army took immediate notice of what had happened and reassigned Taylor to Zero Company, where his skills as a tracker were utilized and began taking on darker, Special Forces training. This is his first experience with anything like the "Accord"


19 September 1994 - 31 March 1995


20 December 1995 - 20 December 1996


March 24, 1999 - June 10, 1999


October 2001 - January 2003


March 2003 - January 2013

Accord Corps of Engineers

11/01/2004 - 6/01/2013

Recruited into the Accord Corps of Engineers

Army Medical Discharge


Discharged on account of Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. Not even given full honors after 30 years of military service...