solar energy time line


solar radtion


august man chout converted solar radtion into mechnical power

nobel pize

1921 - 1922

albert einstein won the 1921 nobel prize in physics fo his theories that explained the photo eletric effect

solar furnace

1969 - 1970

a solar furnace was made in france


1974 - 1975

the solar energy industries assosiation (seia) was formed the organisation represents the intrest of solar inestry and acts as a lobbying group in washington


1981 - 1982

california enacted a 25% tax credit for the capital costs of renewible energy systems


1983 - 1984

the SEGS i plant (13.8-megawatt) was isntalled, the first in a series of solar eletric generating stations (SEGS). SEGS i used solar trough technology to produse steam in a conventionel steam turbine generator.natural gas was used as a supplementary fuel for up to 25% of the heat input.


1989 - 1990

federal regulations that govern the size of solar power plants were modified to increase maximum plant size to 80 megawatts from 30 megawatts


1991 - 1992

luz international went bankrupt while building its tenth SEGS plant. SEGS i through ix remained in operation.


1995 - 1996

federal energy regulatory commision (ferc) prohibits qualifying facility contacts above avoided costs

12 killowatt

2000 - 2001

a 12-killowatt solar eletric system in colorado was the largest residential installatoin in the us to be registered with the us department of energys million solar roofs inative the system provided most of the eletricity for the family of eights 6000 square foot home

home depot

2001 - 2002

home depot began selling residential solar power systems in three stores in san diego california


2007 - 2008

the technische universitat darmstadt won the 2007 solar decathion the team won the architecture lighting and engineering contests


2013 - 2014

right now sientists are creating new solar panels around the world that are helping people with there elietricity bills



2001 - 2002

nasas solar powered aircraft helios set a new world altitude record for non rocket powered craft 96,863 feet (more than 18 miles)