A More Perfect Union Timeline

By: Clayton Bruer


Washington's becomes president

April 6, 1789

He is named the president unanimously.

Washington's Inauguration

April 30,1789

he did not want to be president but he agreed to be inaugurated.

Whiskey Tax is created


the congress passed a law that taxes whiskey products.

Whiskey Rebellion


The western farmers are angered amd refused to pay taxes.

John Adams becomes president


John Adams becomes the 2nd president of the U.S.

John Marshall Cheif Justice Supreme Court


He was the first Cheif Justice of The Supreme Court.

Thomas Jefferson Becomes President

March 4, 1801

He is the 3rd president and he is a republican.

Louisiana Purchase

December 20, 1803

Doubled size of the U.S. costed over $15 million dollars.