Gay Marriage In Federal Law


Marriage Act 1961


This was the date when the marriage act of 1961 was made. It was stated in this that if you were married to someone of the same sex overseas, the marriage would not be seen as one in Australia.

Superannuation Law Ammended


Gay couples were allowed to have a shared superannuation account, just like married couples. Then in the unlikely case that there partner were to pass away they would be able to use money from there account.

Given Same Rights As Hetero Sexual Un-Married Couples


The government mad it so they have the same rights as hetero sexual un married couples had, in areas of social security, health, taxation etc.

Same Sex Marriage Bill Introduced Into Parliament


This was introduced into parliament by a Australian Greens Member, and it did not pass as only 5 people were in favour of this.

Labor Party In Favour Of Same Sex Marriage


The labor party was now in favour of same sex marriage, but the liberal party were still not happy with the idea and did not agree.

Same Sex Marriage Re-Introduced Into Parliament


Two bills were sent into parliament about same sex marriage. One was concerning religion and then the other was concerning the act in general. Both were rejected.

Public Vote


A public vote was held about what the general public thought of Gay Marriage. It recieved 276 437 responses, and out of these 177 663 people were in favour of legalizing gay marriage.