Hitler orders conscription

March 1935

-Germany was the one who called conscription
-This caused Hitler to break the Treaty of Versailles
- Conscription was the requirement o military service to increase the size of his army

Italy takes over Ethiopia

October 1935

-Italy was one of the first to war
- Mussolini set out to fulfill his promise
- they were bitter about not getting enough land after WWI
-They then took over Ethiopia
- The league of nations lacked in its army so they could not stop Italy
- Italy then took over more parts of Africa

Hitler sends troops into the Rhine land

March 1936

-Once he grew up the amount of troops he sent them into the Rhine land
- This happened a year later
- He sent his troops even though the treaty of Versailles declared it an demilitarized zone no Germans were allowed
- french wanted to stop them but they would not act without British support but instead they responded with appeasement: or giving in to the reasonable demands of an unhappy nation to avoid war

Rome-Berlin Axis is formed

October 1936
  • Germany and Italy were the creators
  • They wanted this to be the axis on which all Europe Revolved
  • Hitler seal his by dividing Poland with the soviet union

Hitler declares Anschluss

March 1938

-Hitler wanted to unite all Germans no matter where they lived
- Anschluss was declared by Hitler
- Anschluss was the unification of Germany and Austria

Munich pact is signed

September 1938
  • European leaders got together to discussed Hitlers demands
  • France and Britain still responded with appeasement
  • Hitler agreed to stop taking land

Germany attacks Poland

September 1939

-launched a blitzkrieg against Poland
-this tactic used tanks and soldiers supported by airplanes
- within weeks Poland surrendered
- then on the 28 Hitler divided Poland with the soviet union

Germany attacks Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, and France

April 1940 - August 1940
  • Launched a blitzkrieg against all these countries
  • when France surrendered the prime minister made a resistance under France

Germany attacks Great Britain

August 1940

-unsuccessful attack
-1940 on Hitlers order
- They bombed them into surrendering
- Winston Churchill responded with the royal air force
-then Churchill gave the famous speech We Shall Never Surrender
- Hitler was furious and decided to to take over other countries and come back with full force on Britain

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941
  • Japanese warplanes swooped down on the Naval base Pearl Harbor
  • This took a great toll

Soviets Defeats Germany at battle of stalingrad

February 1943

-Soviet Union handed Germany its first defeat
- Aided by Russia`s vast geography
-then they pushed Germans towards their homeland


June 1944
  • it was the start of one of the greatest naval invasions in history
  • within three months the allies landed 2 million troops and half million vehicles

U.S. Drops Atomic Bombs on Japan

August 6 1945 - August 9 1945
  • before they dropped the bombs they asked japan to surrender
  • airplanes dropped pamphlets warning of an awful new weapon
  • Japan refused to surrender
  • Truman then gave the order to drop the bombs
  • the first bomb fell on Hiroshima on the 6th
  • the second fell on Nagasaki on the 9th

Japan Surrenders

september 2 1945
  • signed an unconditional surrender a surrender with no terms set by the loser