The start

June 28 1914

Austro-Hungarian Archduke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo by Serbian nationalists. WWI was thought to be begun by the assassination of Francis and his wife. The person who assassinated him was Gavrilo Princip from a small band of nationalistes called ‘Black Hand’. The assassination didn't first start off the war at first but after all the threats by several European countries caused hostility.


August 1914

Germany invades Luxembourg, Belgium and France beginning WWI.

President Wilson declares U.S neutrality

August 19 1914

President Wilson declares U.S neutrality

Start of poison gas

April 22 1915

The first use of poison gas used by Germany at the Ypres


May 7 1915

German sub sinks the Lusitania. In April the cunard liner lusitania was preparing to leave the New York harbor. German embassy posted a notice in the paper warning the passengers would be at risk of sinking. Only one person listened to the warning. As the ship was passing Ireland to get to England the German sub U-20 attacked. All 1,198 people on the sub died. 128 were American. Germany claimed that the sub had weapons, which was true, but they were small fire arms and the Lusitania was basically defenseless.

French and German casualties

February 21 1916 - December 18 1916

The battle of Verdun results in 1 million French and German casualties.


June 1916

The battle of the Somme costed 1.25 casualties


November 7 1916

President Wilson was reelected president of the U.S

Germany declares all-out submarine warfare

January 31 1917

Germany declares all-out submarine warfare

US declares war on Germany

April 6 1917

United States declares war on Germany.

US troops

June 1917

First U.S troops arrive in France.

Peace Plan

January 8 1918

President Wilson proposes peace plan.

Germans launch

May 1918

Germans launch major offence along the Chemin des Dames.

American vs. Germany

June 1918

American defeats Germans at Belleau wood.

America and France

September 26 1918

American and French troops launch the Meuse-Argonne offensive.

British forces breach Hindenburg line.

September 27 1918

British forces breach Hindenburg line.

The wars over

November 11 1918

The armistice is signed.