Cold War

Timeline of the Cold War

The Cold War

First World-Blue Second World-Red China-Orange Shared Actions-Green

Yalta Conference

Feb 14, 1945

Meeting of Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and F.D.R. to discuss the war and post war events.

UN formation

April 1945

Date when the United Nations was formed. This global organization for peace allowed negotiation between the USA and the USSR

Potsdam Confernce

July 1945

Meeting of Truman, Stalin and Churchill

Marshall Plan

1948 - 1952

USA's aid to western Europe

Berlin Blockade

June 1948 - May 1949

Russia's attempt to gain control of West Berlin via siege.

Berlin Airlift

June 1948 - May 1949

USA counter attack of the Berlin Blockade by shipping in recourses to the people of West Berlin

NATO formation

April 1949

Creation of the First World's bloc of USA and western European nations.

Korean War

June 1950 - July 1953

Korea's civil war and battle zone between some UN nations (first world) and China (second world)

Warsaw Pact

May 1955

Meeting in Warsaw to establish the Second world's Bloc, set up communist governments in eastern Europe (somewhat controlled and propped up by the USSR) as a buffer zone between the First World and the USSR.

Vietnam War

November 1955 - April 1975

War between the communist supported North Vietnam and the US backed South Vietnam.

Launch of Sputnik

October 1957

Sputnik, the first satellite was launched by the USSR

Great Leap Foward

1958 - 1961

Communist China's failed effort to increase production on farms and in factories.

Cuban Missile Crisis

October 1962

Threat to the USA by USSR sending in Missiles to communist Cuba

Cultural Revolution

1966 - 1967

Effort to purge China of Capitalism and supporters of Capitalists along with any other who did not support Communism.

Moon Landing

July 1969

Moral Victory for the USA by putting Niel Armstron and Buzz Aldrin on the moon.

Collapse of Berlin Wall

Nov 1989

Fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification of Berlin