The Law was Against me


Human Rights project

1980 - 2013

The Law Was Against Me: Migrant Women's access to Protection for Family Violence in Belgium

Law 15

December 1980 - 2013

protects abuse survivors who are dependent on their spouse

1997 government

1997 - 2013

domestic violence was recognized as a crime in the penal code

onkelinx law

2003 - 2013

provides protection to women at risk of being victims of domestic violence

Shortage of Shelters

2006 - 2007

shelters could not house nearly 70% of women who applied for housing

Law 25

2007 - 2013

forced marriages were criminalized

police opinions

2009 - 2010

police in many parts of Belgium wanted legal mandate to force domestic violence offenders to leave their homes

Next Action Plan to address the rights of migrant women

March 2012

Institution for the Equality of Men and Women recommend that the next Action Plan address abuse victims who do not have secure legal status

preventing and combating violence against women

september 2012 - december 2012

victims of domestic violence that have dependent residency are protected by law and are not forced to leave Belgium