Africa and Asia Timeline



Han China

202 BC - 220 AD

It was a beuracracy, 400 years ruling, 2 periods (early&late), centralized government.
Cilic service system was the government distributed test to people who wanted to get a government job
The fall of the Han was caused by economic imbalance, rich took advantage of the poor, and they get overthrown by the Wang Mang

Over 30 local dynasties

200 - 589

there were over 30 local dynasties

Sui Dynasty

581 - 618

their greatest accomplishments was the Grand Canal

Tang Dynasty

618 - 907

They developed a very intellegent ruling class by not requireing the government officals to take the civil service system
The fall of the Tang dynasty was caused by crushing taxes and a too large empire

Song Dynasty

960 - 1279

They ruled in southern china, their tow most important inventions of the Tang and Song were the movable type and gunpowder, new levels of society was a new larger upper class called the gentry then a urban middle class then soilders

Mongol China

1206 - 1370

pax mongolia is the mongol peace. The three reasons why the Yuan era is most important: 1. united china for the first time 2. opened china to foreign trade 3. tolerated government and made small changes
Marco Polo is the Venetian trader who trader in china

Ming Dynasty

1364 - 1644

The ming dont allow people to threaten them.
Importance of Zheng He he discovered new areas and was very kind towards the native people
Only the government can trade with other countries

Qing Dynasty

1644 - 1912

The Manchus stopped the ming dynasty and took control over their lands
They had no relationship with the outside world
The opium tea connection was the smuggling of the of tea from England
Opium Wars- England and China, Britian won the war with a treaty
Taping Rebellion (1850-1864)- new kingdom with wealth and peace
Dowager Express Cixi(1862-1908)- She wanted to stregthen the country
Spheres of Influence- area of nation that controlled trade and investment
Open Door policy- availible to trade with all nations


Nok Culture

500 BC - 200 AD

In what is now present day Nigeria
Smelted Iron

Kingdom of Aksum

100 - 940 AD

Located South of Kush-by the Red Sea
Located in modern day Eritrea and Ethiopia
Made living off of selling things-merchants
Only ancient African kingdom to develop a written language
Declined because of invaders who practiced Islam

Bantu Migrations

100 - 1500

Migrations covered Southern Africa
They used slash/burn migration
They also smelted iron

Hausa City States

1000 - 1400

These people were in the savanna east of Mali
They had city states
They traded slaves in Zazzau

Great Zibabwe

1000 - 1450

Located in Southeastern Africa-modern day Zimbabwe
It was abandoned and no one knows why

Yoruba Kingdom

1100 - 1600

There were located in Benin and Southwest Nigeria
The kings served as important political and religious figures
2 largest kings were Ife and Oyo

Mali Empire

1235 - 1400

Located in south of Ghana
Mansa Musa expanded the empire
He built mosques and universities
This attracted many scholars

Mutapa Empire

1430 - 1760

Located north of present day Zimbabwe
Portuguese eventually took it over


1440 - 1897

An oba is their ruler
They traded with Portugal.
Traded pepper, leopard skins, ivory and slaves.
Then Portuguese began enslaving people for colonies


1468 - 1592

They were people to the east-they had been under Mali control
Sunni Ali was a good leader-built empire through military control, had a good army, captured Timbuktu, expanded Songhai.

Askia Muhammad-had efficient tax system, developed weapons


Hein Period

794 - 1185

Capital is Helan. They had to compete with the Minamoto family. Samuri are the local warriors and the Busnido is the code of the samuri

Kamakura Shogun

1192 - 1333

A shogun is the supreme general of the army. The economic effect of defeating the invading Mongols was that it depleated their army

Tokugawa Shogunate

1600 - 1868

Dainyo are the warriors that became lords.
Stucture of society was the leaders but no actual power.
What european country had contact early on? Portugal
Policy toward outsiders- welcomed them
Matthew Perry- stormed the Harbour at Tokyo and demanded trade

Meji Period

1868 - 1912

Emporer Mutsuhito thought the best way to resist westernization was to... modernize
What Eurpoean countires did they like- Germany and British and America
where did they try to expand- China



500 BC - 323 BC

Roman Empire

27 BC - 476 AD

Middle Ages

500 - 1450

Rise of Islam and Islamic Empire

630 AD - 1100 AD


1400 - 1600

Age of Exploration

1460 - 1500


1517 - 1600


1517 - 1750

Scientific Revolution/Enlightenment

1550 - 1800


1700 - 1850

French Revolution

1789 - 1815

Reaction and Romanticism

1815 - 1850


1848 - 1900