Time-line of my life


I was born

october 1 1999

I was born in this year

My first trip

November 10 1999 - november 20 1999

I go to visit my grandparents

My vacations

june 28 2000 - july 10 2000

i went to the beach whit my parents, my aunt and one cousin

My first birthday

october 1 2000 - october 2 2000

it was my fist birthday and i celebrate it with all my family

i enter to preschool

february 2 2004 - november 10 2004

i enter to preschool in San Pedro Claver, but the section of preschool was near to Piedecuesta, so it was very far of were i was living in that year

i enter to middle school

february 1 2005 - november 10 2005

My first pet

February 2005

I buy one dog his name was Siber and then we buy another one and his name was Pity but they die in 2010

i enter to high school

february 2011 - november 2011

i enter to six grade with my best friends, it was difficult because i have to adapt to the system of high school

United states

november 2011

I went to the united stated, first i went to Miami, then i go to Orlando, and Disney World, and then to New York.

United States 2

November 2012

I went to the United States for the second time i went to New York, Canada (Niagara Falls), Atlantic City, and i met a old friend of my parents and we joins us in to the trip.

My time line


Now i am in 8 grade, this is the first time that i create a time-line of my life.