Ancient Greece Timeline

Time line of Greece from Bro Joe World History I Blue class.


Greek Bronze Age

3000 B.C - 1100 B.C

Minoan Civilization Reaches its Peak

1600 B.C - 1500 B.C

No one knows when this civilization rose. But we do know of its peak time.

Mycenaean Civilization Dominates

1400 B.C - 1200 B.C

It Dominated the Aegean World after they conquered the Minoan civilization.

Minoan Civilization "Vanishes"

1400 B.C

By this time Minoan civilization vanishes. No one knows how but people say it was conquest, as that is the most likely reason, but others say tsunami, earthquake, or "fiery rain."

Trojan War

1250 B.C

This is when it was believed to have happened.


1100 B.C - 146 B.C

Greece Civilization thrives in its new world

Mycenaean Civilization "Steps Back"

1100 B.C - 900 B.C

People frogot many skills, trade declined, and population dwindled in the cities.

Homer Records Written Down

750 B.C

500 years after The Trojan War someone finally writes down Homer's story of the Trojan War amongst his other stories.

Section 2

Government Evolves

750 B.C - 500 B.C

Many different forms of government evolved in Greece.

Rapid Population Growth

750 B.C

Rapi population growth though caused people to move out of the city-states and out to colonies of other lands.

Landowners hold power in Athens

700 B.C

Went from Monarchy to aristocracy rule of Athens

Dorians become Spartans

650 B.C

Bronze is Replaced

650 B.C

By this time Bronze weapons were replaced by iron ones.

Solon appionted Archon

594 B.C

People elcted Solon as Archon, chief official to reform government.

Pisistratus grabs Power

546 B.C

He was an Athenian tyrant.


507 B.C

Reforms took place is government body.

Section 3

Greeco-Persian Wars

499 B.C - 449 B.C

Rebellion of Ionian States

499 B.C

Ionian states revolts agaist the Persian Empire

Darius I's troops land at Marathon

490 B.C

Darius I's troops land on Marathon in 490 B.C. He sent a massive army against Athens for its role in the Ionian revolution.

Win for Greece City-States

481 B.C

Greece defeats Persia on-land in present day Turkey

Xerxes sends his forces

480 B.C

After his father's death, Darius I, he amassed a large force to attack Athens again.

Delian League forms

477 B.C - 407 B.C

The Delian League is formed in Greece.

Golden Age

460 B.C - 429 B.C

Athens expericed a Golden Age under the great statesman, Pericles.

Peloponnesian War

431 B.C - 404 B.C

Athans and Sparta went to war with each other.

Sparta defeats Athens

404 B.C

Sparta, with the help of Persia, defeats Athens.

Poised for War

359 B.C

Macedonias ruler was ready to go to war with Greece and conquer them.

Section 4


484 B.C - 425 B.C

Herodotus writes down history.


469 B.C - 399 B.C.

Socrates is killed in 399 B.C. for corrupting the youth and failing to honor the Gods.

Thucydides Life

460 B.C. - 395 B.C.

New Era of Art

450 B.C

New art in Greece was forming. It expressed a more perfect yet naturalistic depiction.


450 B.C

New style of art in Athens

450 B.C

A new type of art was developing in Athens. It stressed more natural lifelike art

Plato's Life

428 B.C - 348 B.C

Section 5

Hippocrates Studies Illness

400 B.C

Hippocrates studies the causes of diseases and cures. This today is known as etiology.

Philip II rules Greece

382 B.C. - 336 B.C.

Philip II rules Greece after he conquers.

Greece Falls

338 B.C

In 338 B.C. Greece falls to the Macedonian Army

Athens and Thebes join forces

338 B.C

Athens and Thebes join forces but are crushed at the Battle of Chaeronea.

Alexander the Great rules Macedonia

336 B.C. - 323 B.C.

Soldiers of Elephants

326 B.C

Alexander's army faces soldiers on elephants for the first time as his military campagin advances into India

Hellinistic Age

323 B.C. - 30 B.C.

Spread of Greek culture

Paron of Babylon

323 B.C.

Paron of Triparadisus

320 B.C.

Seleucid Empire Established

312 B.C.

Rome overthrows the Greeco Hegemony

133 B.C

Rome replaces Greece as the worlds hegemony.