War of 1812


USS Constitution vs. Querriere

7/17/1812 - 7/18/1812

The first battle of the war, U.S. won.

Lake Erie

9/10/1813 - 9/11/1813

The U.S. navy took down six of the Royal Navy's vessels. This battle took over the whole lake and protected the entire Ohio Valley.

Battle Of Thames

10/5/1813 - 10/6/1813

Took place in upper Canada and the U.S. captured almost 600 British soldiers. U.S. won.

Horseshoe Bend

3/27/1814 - 3/28/1814

This battle was between the U.S. troop, Cherokee and lower creek Indians versus the Red stick creek Indians. The U.S. won and this caused the Treaty of Jackson.

Fort McHenry

9/13/1814 - 9/14/1814

This was the fort that guarded the Chesapeake Bay and this battle inspired the Star Spangled Banner.

New Orleans

1/8/1815 - 1/9/1815

This was the battle that won the war.