6alvarezp1812 timeline

Different wars and events that took place in the early 18th century.


USS Constitution vs. The Guerriere


The Americans were looking for British ships to attack at sea and after a few days they found and seized them. They had a naval battle then it moved to land with weapons and guns.

Battle of lake Erie

9/10/1813 - 9/11/1813

The British was planning on attacking American ships. They were attached by Niagara. America won the war.

Battle of Thames

10/5/1813 - 10/6/1813

This took place in Canada, the U.S. versus the British. The U.S. almost captured 600 of their men.

The Horseshoe bend

3/27/1814 - 3/28/1814

This was the U.S. and Indians vs. The red stick creek Indians. This led to the treaty of Jackson signed in 8/9/1814

Fort McHenry

09/13/1814 - 09/14/1814

Fort McHenry was attacked by Britain ships from the sea. Old rockets were shot at them. The Americans held off the attack and protected the fort. What led to the war was the British believed the Americans were preying on British ships.

Battle of New Orleans

january 1, 1815 - January 8, 1815

Britain was planning to invade New Orleans and Andrew Jackson was there to stand off. He served in the Rev. war so he had experience. After several days the men he had stood their ground and held the British off.