Econmics-Nathan Brown


African Grain Harvisting

13000 BCE - 11000 BCE

Early African tribes began to gather wild plants and grains to provide for there peoples.

Sudanic Cattle Herding

9000 BCE

Sudan's began to herd cattle as a way to provide for their peoples.

Beginning of trans-Saharan trade

300 - 500

The trans-Saharan trade was a trade route in Africa that brought many tribes food and other things to provide for there peoples.

Establishment of Dutch settlement in South Africa

1652 - 1800

The establishment of the Dutch settlement in South Africa, gave the Dutch a place to trade in Africa, and it provided for the French for any goods they recived and any taxes they obtained


Portuguese Maritime Voyages

1400 - 1500

The Portuguese exploration of the sea helped them establish many trade routes with other societies which then in turn led to long term trading which then provided for the people.

Peter the Great Westerize's Russia

1682 - 1725

The Westerization of Russia was one of the biggest accoplishments of Russia, it changed everyones lives for the better, It also changed how they proivided for the people.

British Industrial Revolution

1780 - 1790

Britain went though a process of useing machines to do thier work, this led to mass prodution of many basic goods, such as clothes and other things, which they sold to provide for the people


1929 - 1991

The USSR was the Soviet Union and all of the sattilleite countries, They all had communist governments, which treated all people the same, no different wether you were a doctor or a constuistion worker.

European Union

1994 - 2013

The EU was the unionfaction of all the European countries, similar to a state in the Untied States, although most countries didnt join at first and didnt switch to the Euro, now they have most of Europe in it and they all use Euros, Which provides the people with a safe goverment.

Euro introduced

2002 - 2013

The Euro is a form of currency used by the EU, The Euro provides a standered currency for all the people of europe.


Extinction of large Mammals in North America

9000 BCE

Many Large North American mammals became extinct at the beginning of the ice age, This led many North American Nomads to change to other types of food to provide for ones socitey

Alantic Slave Trade

1441 - 1805

Over 10 million slaves were traded from Africa to the Americas. Once in the Americas they were used from a variety of different activities, All of these provided for the people.

Discovery of Silver near Potosi


The discovery of silver here led to many slaves going to there to give the Spanish silver, which in turn the spainish traded with the chinese to then provide for the people.

French colony in Quebec

1608 - 1800

The French colony in Quebec established a North American tradeing loction for the French, and it provided for the French people with taxes and goods exported from the conlony

Alantic Plantaion Farming Peaks

1700 - 1800

Millions of slaves sent to the Americas did many tasks, During the 1700s over 90% of them were used to do plantaion farming,which provided income for the slave owners, which then provivded for them.

Stock Market Crash

1932 - 1941

The Depression begain with the crash, this led to the end of the roaring 20s, in which econmic life was flourishing, then the econmany did a complete turn around and crashed, leaving a rough life for those trying to provide for the people or themselfs.

World Bank

1945 - 2013

The world bank was created to make all curancy useable in any country, it provided many econmic crisis prevention, which works still to today, it provides econmic securety for all the people.


1994 - 2013

The North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, let all NA countries trade with no tax or traiffs on their goods, this provided these counties more money for there people.


Ming Maritime Expeditions

1405 - 1433

The Ming dynasty sent a massive fleet to explore the Indain Ocean, They found many counties and established many trade routes, which helped provide foe the people.

British and Dutch East Indian Companys Began

1600 - 1602

The companys established in Asia Establushed many trade routes and then extracted wealth for their countires, which provivded for the people.

Chinese territorial expansion in Inner Asia

1750 - 1760

The chinese expansion into Inner Asia established many new trades routes and more taxing of the peoples conqurered, which provided for the Chinese people

Forming of the Chinese Communist Party

1921 - 2013

The CCP conqured china in 1948, which led to the providing of the people though a communist prosepctive.

Rapid Econmic Growth of China and India

1990 - 2013

The Chinese and Indain goverments have expercierenced a huge growth in thier economy, with widespread growth in thier income of wealth, this leads to a better life for all people in these counties.

Middle East

First Agricultural Breakthough

9000 BCE - 7000 BCE

In the Fertile Crescent many tribes began to domesticate plants and use them to provide for their people, they were one of the first societies to domesticate plants and use them to provide for the people


1960 - 2013

OPEC was established to create a constant "fair" price on oil, OPEC is almost every middle eastern country that has oil, over the years they have rasied the price of oil exponintally, this has made the middle eastern countries very wealthy, and it provides for the people.