Social Timeline

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750 BCE

Due to Greece's geographical location, it was divided into hundreds of city-states. Greeks practiced the idea of citizenship which included free people running the state.

Christopher Columbus


The Spanish monarch sponsors Christopher Columbus's voyage to prove the world was round and eventually he discovered the America's.

European Enlightenment


European Enlightenment began which caused people to think using reason and begin challenging traditional ideas.

Feminist Movement


The British Women's Social and Political Union organized a campaign based on violence and was one of the only groups who took this route.



Russia begins using communism as their type of government which attempts to create a more equal society.

Hitler comes to power


Hitler comes to power in Germany which begins the massive persecution of Jewish people.

North America

First North American Settlement


Europeans begin to settle North America and the first settlement is Jamestown.

American Revolution

1775 - 1783

America revolts against the British monarchy to begin their own government.

Constitutional Convention


Americans for each colony came together to write a constitution.

19th Amendment


The United States ratifies the 19th Amendment which gave woman the right to vote.

First Atomic Bomb


The United States created the Atomic bomb which killed thousands of Japanese because of an attack on the United States during WWII.

South America

Norte Chico

3000 BCE - 1800 BCE

The first civilization of South America which is also referred to as the "mother civilization".

Haitian Revolution

1791 - 1803

The first and most successful slave revolt occurred in Haiti.

School for girls


Mexico creates the first school for girls.

Cuba and Brazil Abolish Slavery

1886 - 1888

Many Latin American countries abolished slavery because of the pressure from Britain.


Regional Cultures

16000 BCE

People develop distinctive regional societies.

First Agricultural Break through

9000 BCE

Agriculture begins, which will result in male dominated societies.


3000 BCE

Africa begins farming which causes the people of Africa to have to settle in one location.

Atlantic Slave Trade


Africa begins capturing and selling other Africans to Europeans for the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Settlement of Africa


The Dutch begin to settle Africa.


First Chinese Dynasty

2200 BCE

The first Chinese dynasty with a centralized state.

Indus Valley and Chinese Civilizations

2000 BCE

Chinese people begin to come together to form great civilizations which includes the Indus Valley.

Taiping Uprising

1850 - 1864

The Taiping Uprising was a political and religious uprising that killed approximately 20,000,000.

Indian National Congress


The Indian National Congress is the self-proclaimed largest and oldest democratic organization in the world.

Boxer Rebellion

1899 - 1901

The Boxer Rebellion was a group of peasants looking to over though the Qing Dynasty.