Vietnam(MAX morgan


French invasion of Vietnam in 1858


This military action cause Vietnam to become a French colony.

Japanese forces invade Vietnam

1939 - 1945

Vietnamese freedom fighter Ho Chi Minh, resists the Japanese. However, the Japanese control the country until their defeat in 1945.

france regains control of vietnam

1945 - 1954

Viet Minh want inderpendence for the Vietnamese people as they fight the French

Vietnam divided into north and south


The Geneva accord states that the goverment election should be held in 1956 but the goverment was scared that Ho Chi Minh will win

The Vietnam war is more extreme

1959 - 1973

The North Vietnamese forces want to make all of vietnam a communist group.

goverment begins a new policy called doi moi


Government begins a new policy of encouraging foreign investment called Doi Moi The growth of industries and tourism helps the country enconomy strengthen.