1930's timeline

Events in America

Stock Market crash


The stock market crash was an impact full crash at the end of the roaring twenties. This major crash was the start to an economic crisis known as the great depression.

Bank Rush

10/28/1929 - 01/01/1933

The stock market crash caused a bank rush. A bank rush was when large number of people withdrew their deposits and valuables at the same time. Because of money loss many banks were failed and had to shut down

First Inauguration of FDR


This was the first inauguration of president Franklin D. Roosevelt. And was the start of the first of four terms. During the Great Depression he helped people gain faith when he promised action in the hard times.

FDR Supreme court packing


Roosevelt's supreme court packing , otherwise known as the "new deal", was a series of programs that were designed to help fix the economic crisis. But the legislation failed when the senate decided to return he bill.

Wizard of Oz release


This was the release of the popular movie The wizard of oz. The movie was one the first to be in color and use special effect.

Third Inauguration of FDR


This marks the 3rd inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt . This was the first time a president of the United states has been inaugurated for the third time.

America's entry to WW2


This was when America joined WW2. America was forced to join WW2 when Japan attacked pearl harbor. A couple days after the Japanese attacked Germany declared war on the USA.

WW2 events outside of USA

Hitler elected chancellor


Hitler was named chancellor by president of Germany Paul von Hindenburg . And leader of the Nazi party.

Anne Frank family flees Germany- summer 1933


Anne Frank and her family flee Germany to the Netherlands. The fled Germany because Nazis had just come into power and started prosecuting Jews.

Enactment of the Nuremberg race laws


This was was the Enactment of the Nuremberg laws. These were anti-Jewish laws that deprived Jews of citizenship and outlawed marriage and sexual relations between Jews and Germans.

German Unification with Austria


The Unification was when Austria was annexed into Germany. It was also the culmination of the anschluss movement

Neville chamberlain “Peace of our time


On Sep. 30 British Chancellor Neville Chamberlain gave a speech regarding an agreement between him and Hitler. The agreement was to never go to war with each other again. Later that day he added that he believes it is "Peace for our time."

The Night of Broken glass


'Night of Broken glass" is the night when Nazis went around breaking into Jews homes, synagogues ,and business. The Nazis sent about 30,000 Jews to camps. By Christmas 2000 Jews were killed.

Invasion of poland


On September 1 Germany invaded Poland from the north,south,and west. Because of so many Germans , Poland forces were forced to withdraw.