war of 1812

war of 1812

thames river

1812 - 1814

at the thames river the britih faught the americans

the battle at hoseshoe bend

1812 - 1813

a battle that had indians side with the british and fight america

Fort McHenry

1812 - 1813

a battle that made us create our national amthem

how the war was ended


it was ended by a peace treaty signed by america and by britan

War Hawks


the war hawks are democradic republicans that concvinced congress to fund the war

Oliver Hazard Perry


he was the hero of lake erie and he superved the battle

The Hartford Convention


federalists went there to talk about the ongoing war of 1812

James Madison


he is the father of the constitution and our forth presedent

Andrew Jackson


he is a general that defeated the indians at the battle of horseshoe point

new orleans

1812 - 1813

this is or major trading outpost


1812 - 1813

he was a native american leader who opposed the americans

what did the war do to affect the country

1812 - 1820

the war helped make our national amthem and it made us have a peace treaty with britan

USS Constitution vs. The Guerriere

1812 - 1813

the uss contitushion boat against the guirrere

battle of lake erie

1813 - 1815

where nine of the american vesels deafeated and capture six of the royal navys vessels