War of 1812 Timeline.


USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere

August 12, 1812 - September 5, 1813

The USS Constitution vs. the HMS Guerriere, was a battle between the United States Navy vs. The Royal Army. This was a huge ship battle in the Atlantic ocean, where the outcome was the U.S. Navy came out as the victors.This battle occurred soon after the War-hawks declared war on Britain.

Battle of Lake Erie

September 10, 1813 - October 1, 1813

The Battle of Lake Erie was another battle like the Consitution vs Guerriere, except it was on land. This battle took place off the coast of Ohio, and the reason this battle took place was because they wanted to regain Lake Erie and disband the confederation of Tecumsah.

Battle of Thames

October 5, 1813 - February 14, 1814

The Battle of Thames was another battle of the War of 1812, that occurred because Tecumsah. The people that fought in this battle were, the US vs. the British Empire Indian Confederation. This battle took place at near present day Chatham-Kent, Ontario.
This battle occurred because we wanted to regain a fort and Detroit.

Battle of Horseshoe Bend.

March 27, 1814 - August 10, 1814

The Battle of Horseshoe Bend was a battle between allied US Indians against other Indians. This battle was to stop Red Sticks and stop any other opposing Indian forces and there Britain allies if they had any. The battle took place near Dadeville, Alabama.

Attack on Fort McHenry

September 12, 1814 - September 14, 1814

The Attack on Fort McHenry was a land/sea battle between the US and Britain, which resulted in our victory. The battle occurred because we wanted to stop the invasion off from the ports of Baltimore, Maryland. This battle was between the US and the United Kingdom.

Battle of New Orleans

January 8, 1815 - April 5, 1815

The Battle of New Orleans was the last big conflict/battle of the War of 1812. In this battle the British wanted to attack Washington and wanted to get New Orleans but we (The US) defended them and finally defeated the British. This battle took place 5 miles south of New Orleans on the grounds of Chalmette Plantation.