Technological Timeline by Brennan Perkins


Cattle herding in Sudanic Africa

9000 bc

People have devoloped the skill set to herd and domesticate animals as a source of food.

Begining of iron working in sub- Saharan Africa

1000 bc

development of better tools and weapons to increase effectiveness in both battle and work.


Beginings of iron working in Anatolia

1500 bc - 100 bc

development of better tools and weapons to increase effectiveness in both battle and work.


1400 - 1600

Attempt to revive greek and roman culturs in Europe, starting in Italy.

Vasco da Gama arives in India


He sailed acround the world, proving that it is round not flat

Heliocentiric idea is developed


Made by Copernicus, stating the earth revolved around the sun not vice versa, was greatly objected by the church

Life of Isaac Newton

1642 - 1727

An english physicist that developed the three laws of physics that reality is based off of.

European Enlightenment

1700 - 1800

People begin to use scientific factual evidence and obsercations to view the world, not just religion.

European Idustrial Revolution

1780 - 1790

First ones to industrialize due to better ecenomic practices like mercantilism and close relationship eith traders and government.

Publication of "Origin of Species"


Charles Darwin poses his idea of natural selection and evolution causing a great contraversy betwen science and religion still going on

Latin America

Begining of railroad buildings in Cuba, Chile, and Brazil

1850 - 1860

New transportation means to get people and goods where they needed to be faster.

School for Girls in Mexico


Women are starting to get more rights and opportunities in the americas, education is very helpful to their self benefit.

Constuction of Panam Canal

1904 - 1914

Alowed for short cut to reach Asia and the other side of the americas contrary to sailing arounf the tip of South America.

Islam Communtity

Quran Compiled


Text put together to aid in the spread of Islam through written text.

Taj Mahal

1631 - 1648

One of the most beautiful buildings in the world, is one of the * wonders of the world, known for its symmetry.


First printed book in china


start of books replacing scrolls as writing palates to record information. Early form of the modern day book

Gun powder developed in China


increased human ability to kill in warfare.

Westernization of Russia

1682 - 1725

Peter the Great realizes that Russia is far behind technologically and attempts to catch up with the rest of the world, and industrialize it.

North America



revolutionized the ability for the body to fight of infections and disease, greatly increased the life length of humans.

American Industrial Revolution

1820 - 1870

advanced technological developments in the americas leading them to become a world power.

Model T/ assembly line


Produced by Henry Ford, making the frst car available to the general public.

First Television


Invented by Philo Farnsworth, changed the way people were entertained and recieved news.



helped people to fight off infections and greatlyu increased life expectancy

Atomic Bomb


most powerful weapon that made warfare fatal for hundreds of thousands of people. Fear of these bombs caused cold war

Moon landing


America beats russia to put a man on the moon, placing neil armstrong on it first.