Technological Advances Across the World

Liz Sanchez Period: 2


Wild Grain Harvested

13000 BCE

Wild Grain is being harvested in the eastern part of Africa.

Cattle Herding in Sudanic Africa

9000 B.C.E

Hunters and gatherers began to cattle herd because of the climatic changes with in the environment and had to rely on a different way of producing food.

Secondary Products Revolution

4000 B.C.E

In Africa, they learned to milk their animals, to harvest their wool, and to enrich the soil with their manure. They also learned to ride horses and camels and to hitch various animals to plows and carts.

Beginning of ironworking in sub-Saharan Africa

1000 B.C.E.

People began ironworking to improve their new life styles and was an easier, new efficient way to make products and goods for the economy.

Rise of Axum

100 CE

Unlike most of Africa, Axum used a plow-based farming system in their economy and used the new techniques of the hoe or digging stick.

Columbian Exchange- Africa


In the Columbian Exchange, the Africans sent


Lascaux paintings

15000 BCE

Lascaux paintings are becoming important in Southern France

Maritime Expeditions


Columbus and Polo, significant sailors, start their journies on Maritime Expeditions.



The renaissance begin to flourish and bring back old ideas.

Voyages in Portuguese


Voyages are beginning to set their voyages to West Africa in Portuguese.

Copernicus heliocentric view


Copernicus publishes heliocentric view of the universe

European Enlightenment


During the European Enlightenment, geniuses for example Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who thought of the idea that self-reliance and nature was better than what children learned in books. It brought back a new religion and focused on a new idea:progress.

Middle East

Breakthrough in Agriculture

9000 BCE

Agriculture is beginning to be very successful in the Middle East.

Plow and Hoe

6000 BCE

The plow and hoe and very useful and succesful for the Middle Eastwhen farming.

Suez Canal


The Suez Canal opens up for easier way to trade and travel.


First Agricultural Breakthrough

9000 BCE

In Southwest Asia, or at this time the Fertile Crescent, the first agricultural breakthrough happened. A rich array of good domesticating plants and animals appeared and agriculture was starting to become the new way of life.

Domestication of Horses

4000 BCE

In Ukraine/ Southern Russia, they started to domesticate horses to help with the production of food and technology.

Ironworking in Anatolia

1500 BCE

The people started to iron work in Anatolia to make their lives easier and make work easier to produce necessities needed in society.

Gunpowder invented


Gunpowder invented in China

Taj Majal built


A very important building is built in Asia, the Taj Majal


First Written Language

3500 BCE

The Norte Chico civilization created the first written language.

Cultivation of Food

3000 BCE

In Mesoamerica, they cultivated maize, squash, and beans and in the Andes, they cultivated potatoes, quinoa and manioc.

Jamestown found


The city of Jamestown in Virginia was found and many pioneers start their new lives in America here.

Railroad Building


Beginning of railroad building in Cuba, Chile, and Brazil