Evolution versus Creationism timeline


The Big Bang

5200000000 bc

An explosion hurled gas into space. As the gases cooled, the different parts of the universe were formed. Some gases cooled to a liquefied state and eventually solidified and formed planets..

First Evidence of Life

3800000000 bc

Radiation from the sun and electrical discharges from lightning acted on the atmosphere, which consisted of CO2, Ammonia, Methane, and water vapor, to produce amino acids. The amino acids combined to create molecules. Life began when the molecules joined together to create a cell, capable of reproducing itself.

First Evidence of Bacteria

2600000000 bc

Single cells developed into two types:
1. Algae
2. Bacteria

First Eukaryote

1850000000 bc

A eukaryote is an organism whose cells contain complex structures enclosed within membrane


First Fish

535000000 bc

Called ostracoderms, they were slow, bottom-dwelling animals that were covered from head to tail with heavy armor of thick bony plates and scales.

First vertebrates with bone

485000000 bc

First Evidence of land anthropods

450000000 bc

Oldest land plant

425000000 bc

First spiders

380000000 bc

First amphibians and colecanth

375000000 bc

First conifers

320000000 bc


Mass Extinction

250000000 bc

First dinosaurs

225000000 bc

First mammals

215000000 bc

First bird

155000000 bc

First flowering plant

125000000 bc

Extinction of dinosaurs

65000000 bc


First primate

65000000 bc

Chicxulub meteorite impact

65000000 bc

A huge meteorite hit the Earth, causing the mass extinction of dinosaurs and other species.

Rapid diversification of mammals

65000000 bc - 55000000 bc

First carnivorous mammals

60000000 bc

First grasses

55000000 bc

First whales, rodents, horses, rabbits, and elephants

55000000 bc

Earliest known anthropoids

41500000 bc

Initial growth of Antarctic ice sheet

36000000 bc

Major extinction in reptiles

35000000 bc

Also, many modern mammal groups appear

First cats

30000000 bc

First deer

25000000 bc

Spred of primitive apes in Central Africa

19000000 bc

Primates disperse to Europe and Asia

14000000 bc - 10000000 bc

First possible human ancestor

6500000 bc


Large grazing herbivores become more diverse

5000000 bc

First Australopithecines

4200000 bc

First Homo Sapiens appear

200000 bc


Creation Week

4115 bc

Day 1: Light is created
Day 2: The Earth is separated from the sky, Space and Heaven.
Day 3: The water is separated from the land. All plant life was fully grown and able to reproduce itself.
Day 4: The moon, the Sun, stars, and seasons are created.
Day 5: Sea animals and birds are created.
Day 6: Land animals and Adam and Eve are created.