A History of a Family

Family History

Heinrich and Juliana Umberger (08/28/1733)


Heinrich and Juliana Umberger came from Kirchhardt, Germany to America on the ship Hope and arrived in Philadelphia.

Justus Hubbell (September 1776)

September 1776

Justus Hubbell signed receipt rolls for service at Forts Montgomery and Independence and served with General Nathaniel Greene in the Virginia campaigns.

Fred H. Beisner (11/15/1846)

November 15, 1846

Fred H. Beisner was born in Hamburg, Germany. He later moved to Illinois with his parents when he was a teenager.

Peter Jess (12/12/1860)

December 12, 1860

Peter Jess was born in Schleswig, Germany and moved to Davenport, Iowa sometime before 1888.

James R. Umbarger (4/1/1863)

April 1, 1863

James R. Umbarger reenlisted in the Confederate Army after being discharged with a certificate of disability.

Anna Garness (7/30/1876)

July 30, 1876

Anna Garness’ parents married in Alta Township, Lee County, Illinois after immigrating to the United States. They then settled near Randall, Iowa and Anna was born the next year on March 12, 1887.

Sjur Isvik (August 1888)

August 1888

Sjur Isvik, born on July 15, 1871 and emigrated from Norway to America, when he was 17 years old, and settled near Stanhope, Iowa. His uncle, already settled in America, sent him the money for the ticket as a loan and Sjur worked for his uncle after his arrival.

Sjur Isvik becomes a naturalized U.S. citizen. (11/26/1895)

November 26, 1895

Lena M. Iske (3/2/1901)

March 2, 1901

Lena M. Iske arrived in Newton, Iowa on March 2, 1901 with her Uncle Fred, and some of her siblings

Henry Umbarger (June 1915)

June 1915

Henry Umbarger and his family moved to Newton, Iowa from Millard, Missouri.

Harry Leroy Jess (9/28/1929)

September 28, 1929

Harry Leroy Jess was born in Newton, Iowa. 28 years later, his son, Dennis, was born also born on September 28th.

Donald Isvik (10/12/1929)

October 12, 1929

Donald Isvik was born in Jewell, Iowa, exactly five years after his older brother.

Pasty Umbarger was born in Newton, Iowa. (1/25/1930)

January 25, 1930

Winifred Inez Bauer was born in Webster City, Iowa. (5/24/1933)

May 24, 1933

Sjur Isvik (1/12/1936)

January 12, 1936

Sjur Isvik and his family attended their first service at the Bethesda Lutheran Church in Jewell after Zion Lutheran Church disbanded earlier in the month.

Harry Jess and Pasty Umbarger (1/29/1955)

January 29, 1955

Harry Jess and Pasty Umbarger were married at the First Lutheran Church in Newton, Iowa.

Lori Jess (1/1/1960)

January 1, 1960

Lori Jess was born in Skiff Memorial Hospital in Newton. She was the first baby in Jasper County to be born that year and she was awarded a savings account and prizes from local businesses.

Howard Isvik (7/28/1960)

July 28, 1960

Howard Isvik was born at Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames.

Donald Isvik and Winifred Bauer (7/11/1964)

January 11, 1964

Donald Isvik and Winifred Bauer were married at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Webster City, Iowa.

Howard Isvik and Lori Jess (9/17/1983)

September 17, 1983

Howard Isvik and Lori Jess were married in Bethesda Lutheran Church in Jewell, Iowa.

Howard and Lori Isvik (July 1988)

July 1988

Howard and Lori Isvik purchased the house at 2331 295th Street, Jewell, Iowa along with 33 acres of land.

Amy Isvik (7/11/1996)

July 11, 1996

Amy Isvik was born at the Hamilton County Hospital in Webster City, Iowa.

American History

Boston Tea Party (12/16/1773)

December 16, 1773

George Washington is elected as the president of the United States. (2/4/1789)

February 4, 1789

New York Stock Exchange founded. (3/8/1817)

March 8, 1817

Iowa becomes a state. (12/28/1846)

December 28, 1846

The Confederate States of America is formed. (2/9/1861)

February 9, 1861

Fort Sumter is attacked, beginning the Civil War. (4/12/1861)

April 12, 1861

General Robert E. Lee surrenders (4/9/1865)

April 9, 1865

General Robert E. Lee surrenders to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House in Virginia.

First Flight (12/17/1903)

December 17, 1903

The Wright Flyer becomes the first powered, heavier-than-air machine to achieve controlled, sustained flight with a pilot.

The United States entered World War I. (4/6/1917)

April 6, 1917

The Treaty of Versailles is signed.(6/28/1919)

June 28, 1919

The Treaty of Versailles is signed, officially ending World War I.

The 19th amendment is ratified giving women the right to vote. (8/18/1920)

August 18, 1920

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 (10/29/1929)

October 29, 1929

The Stock Market Crash of 1929, also known as The Great Wall Street Crash of 1929 or Black Tuesday occurred on October 29, 1929 and lead to the Great Depression.

The United States enters World War II. (12/8/1941)

December 8, 1941

The United States declares war on Japan, entering World War II.

Japan formally surrenders, ending World War II. (9/2/1945)

September 2, 1945

NATO is created (4/4/1949)

April 4, 1949

The United States, along with eleven other countries, signed the North Atlantic Treaty, creating NATO.

Neil Armstrong (7/21/1969)

July 21, 1969

Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the Moon.