Road to Civil War

8th Grade US History


Wilmot Proviso


Proposed by David Wilmot.
Outlawed slavery in lands acquired from War with Mexico.
South declared it unconstitutional.
Was the reason behind Free-Soil Party

Compromise of 1850


California admitted as free state.
No laws on other territories acquired from War with Mexico about slavery.
Congress would pass stronger laws to capture runaway slaves,
Proposed by Henry Clay.

Uncle Tom's Cabin


Novel that portrayed slavery as brutal and immoral.
Anti-Slavery novel.
Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Helped lay the groundwork for the Civil War.

Republican Party is Formed


Grew because of Kansas-Nebraska Act.
Opposed slavery.
Elected John C. Fremont for 1856 election.
Blamed "Bleeding Kansas" on democrats.

Kansas-Nebraska Act


Proposed by Stephen A. Douglas.
A bill to organize territorial government for the Nebraska Territory.
Divided Nebraska territory into Nebraska and Kansas.
Let the people vote for slavery in those territories.

Bleeding Kansas


A war over slavery in Kansas.
2 governments created: Pro-slavery and Antislavery
Occurred over a period of 3 years.
"Pottawatomie Massacre"

Dred Scott v. Sandford


Dred Scott was a slave who sued for his freedom.
Sandford was his former owner who died.
Reached Supreme Court in 1856.
Dred Scott lost, was returned to slavery.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate


A debate for a US Senate seat.
Now used a model for political debates.
Slavery was an issue.
Douglas won.

Attack on Harpers Ferry


John Brown captured weapons in Harpers Ferry, Virginia.
He did this to inspire slaves to fight for freedom.
US Marines attacked Harpers Ferry, Brown was captured.
Brown was hung for murder and treason.

South Carolina Secedes


Lincoln won presidency.
1st state to officially secede.
Started the Confederacy.
Helped start the Civil War.

Election of 1860


Turned into North vs. South.
Lincoln/Douglas in the North, Breckenridge/Bell in the South.
Lincoln won.
South Carolina seceded.

Attack on Ft. Sumter


Started the Civil War.
Was a harbor in Charleston, South Carolina.
South victory.
Lasted 34 hours.