Why they left.


President Mohammad Khatami

1997 - 2005

During this time of his presidency, Iran witnessed a rise in the number of independent newspapers and journals activity by labor groups and registered and unregistered NGO's including human rights groups.

Iran proxy Affair

2005 - December, 2010

Iranian authorities stated arresting several members of a tehran-based NGO, which monitored human rights violations in Iran.

One million Signatures Campaign

June, 2006

Security forces attacked men and women gathered in Tehran to protest discriminatory gender- based laws, the campaign was effort to collect signatures in support of a petition apposing Iran's gender biased laws

Statistics asylum applications, compiled by UNHCR

2009 - 2011

There were 11,537 new asylums applications from Iranians to 44 countries in 2009; 15,185 in 2010; 18,128 in 2011. The largest number of applications was in Turkey.

Student Activist

March 2009

There had been 436 arrests, 254 convictions and 364 cases of deprivation of education against students.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

June 2009

Re-elected as president for 2nd term, this election was considered rigged. Iran underwent a major campaign repression after the 2009 re-election.

Iranians who were refugees asylum seekers

April 30, 2012

Iranians constituted 5736 out of 26,024 (22%) of "people of concern" to UNHCR in Turkey.

Student activist

May 2012

Atleast 32 students in prison throughout the country as a result of their political activities or affiliation with band student groups

Iranians who were refugees asylum seekers

October 2012

There were approximately 9636 "people of concern" in Iraqi Kurdistan according to UNHCR.