History Timeline!


Bank Rush


Everyone wanted to get their money out of the Bank's before they shut down so that they could pay off their loans. Since they all went at once the the banks struggled with giving them back all of the citizens money.

Stock Market Crash

October 29,1929

The stock market crash was a key factor in beginning the great depression because everyone who had invested in their stock lost their money. That made it hard for them to make payments.

Hitler elected Chancellor

January 30, 1933

When Hitler was elected chancellor he also elected Wilhelm Frick as minister of the interior and Hermann Goring as minister of Prussia. He did this so he would have control over much of Germany.

Inauguration of FDR

March 4, 1933

FDR was the 32nd president and was the last president who was inaugurated on March 4. They do the inauguration now on January 20. He was inaugurated in Washington DC.

Anne Frank family flees Germany


Anne Frank's family fled after Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor. They knew that Hitler would do everything he could to hurt Jews and their family was Jews.

Enactment of the Nuremberg Laws

September 15, 1935

The German's used the enactments of laws to see who was Jewish. They did this so that it would make it easier for the Nazis to enforce legislation restricting the basic rights of German Jews.

FDR Supreme Court Packing


This was a judicial procedures reform bill which was proposed by FDR proposing to add more justice to the supreme court. He used this to add more judges to the supreme court that would favor his laws.

German Unification with Austria

March 12, 1938

Austria was annexed into German. It strictly prohibited the union of Austria and the German empire.

Neville Chamberlain "Peace in our time"

September 30, 1938

Neville read a speech about how great it was that Germany and Austria were now one. He read from a paper that had his name and Hitler's on it and it said that the two people would never go to war again and this was called the Anglo-German Naval Agreement.

The Night of Broken Glass

November 9, 1938

Violence against Jews broke out because German's were angry about the assassination of a German official at the hand of a Jewish teenager. And it was named "The Night of Broken Glass" because of the broken glass from all the store windows that littered the streets.

Wizard of Oz Release

August 25, 1939

This was the first movie ever to be released in color. It was based off of the 1900's novel "The wonderful Wizard of Oz".

Invasion of Poland

September 1, 1939 - September 16, 1939

Hitler invaded Poland because he didn't like Chamberlain. He didn't think that Chamberlain would go to war so he invade Poland. The invasion of Poland was the big start of World War II.

Third Inauguration of FDR

January 20, 1941

FDR was the only president to have more than two terms and he was inaugurated before the twenty-second amendment was made that limits a president to two terms. It was also possibly the first inauguration to be recorded on color film.

America's entry into World War II

December 8, 1941

After the bombing of pearl harbor, the US went right into war. When Hitler declared war on the US, Roosevelt saw it as a blessing in disguise. The US pursued Germany as a first Pursue.