Timeline from the Great Depression to WW2


Bank Rush

1929 - 1930

The Bank Rush happened not to long after the stock market crash. The bank rush was when many people went to banks and withdrew all their money so that they would not lose money from their stocks.

Stock Market Crash

October 29 1929

The Stock Market Crash happened on Wall Street after Black Tuesday. The Stock Market Crashh ended the roaring twenties and the Great Depression had begun.

First Inauguration of FDR

March 4 1933

Franklin Delano Roosevelt beat president Hoover in the 1933 elections. He was then Inaugurated for his first term as president.

Supreme Court Packing

March 9 1937

Roosevelt brought together the people of the supreme court to discuss reshaping the supreme court. His plan failed and the court was not changed.

Wizard of Oz Release

August 25, 1939

The Wizard of Oz was the first movie that was in color. It was also a way for people to escape from the depression that they were in.

Third Inauguration of FDR

January 20, 1941

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected for a third term. This was the first time this had happened in U.S. history.

America's Entry into WW2

December 8, 1941

America entered World War 2 because of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. America was not the only country in World War 2 though, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, and several other countries were involved in it.


Hitler Elected Chancellor

January 30 1933

Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany. Later he became the leader of the Nazi party in WW2

Enactment of the Nuremberg Laws

1935 - 1936

The Nuremberg Laws were laws made by the Nazi party. They were introduced at the annual Nuremberg Rally of the Nazi Party.

German Unification with Austria

March 12 1938

Germany wanted to reunite Austria with Germany and takeover all of Europe. It started with Poland and thus began WW2

Neville Chamberlain "Peace in our Time"

September 29 1938

Neville Chamberlin was the Prime Minister of Britain, he went to Germany to discuss the Munich Agreement and the Anglo-German Declaration. When he returned home from Berlin he stated "I have returned from Germany with peace in our time."

The Night of Broken Glass

November 9 1938

Soldiers of Nazi Germany went along Germany's streets and destroyed, burned down or broke into any Jewish owned shop. The falling out of this left the streets of Germany filled with broken glass.

Anne Frank family flees Germany

December 8 1938

The Anne Frank family was a Jewish family that were one of the most devistated peoples of the Holocaust. Anne Frank is most famous for her Diary that she kept in her concentration camp in Germany.

Invasion of Poland

September 1 1939

Germany/Austria and Russia Invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. This for the Germans/Austrians was the beginning of their world takeover, and for Russia they ha taken back from Poland what they lost in WW1.