Timeline - CP


Bank Rush/Bank Run


This was caused when people started to panic because to economy was going down, they all withdrew their money. This cause the banks to run out of money. Many peoples money was lost, and many banks failed.

Crash of Stock Market

October 24, 1929

On the famous Black Thursday, the  stock market plummeted, people panicked. But by the end of the day the stock market sold 12.9 million stocks. Yet four days later it fell again. Many investors hoping to get out of the stock market before they had lost everything, like they almost did on Black Thursday, decided to sell. But this time when stocks plummeted, no one could save it from going down the drain. Then Black Tuesday came along. This is known as the worst day in stock market history! Everyone panicked, people were selling stocks but no one was buying them. Over 16.4 million shared stocks were sold, it was a new record. On November 23, 1929. Then the stocks became for stable. But stocks continued to drop over the next two years.


Hitler elected Chancellor

January 30, 1933

Hitler was elected chancellor because when he ran the Nazi party was the largest party and when he gave his speeches, he won them over. Von Papen had no chance, he did not have enough votes to get elected.

First Inauguration of FDR

March 4, 1933

This inauguration marked the beginning of his first four year term. He won his election by a land slide victory. His first speech was aired all across the US, and he got straight to the point. The first speech involved all the things he was going to address while he was president, and the public liked it.

Enactment of the Nuremberg Laws


These laws let the Nazis take control Germany, banning non-Aryans. This also restricted the rights of German Jews. Though some Jews could not be defined it was easy to escape. These also classified Jews and German, prohibiting marriage between the two.

FDR Supreme Court Packing

March 9, 1937

When Roosevelt was in his third term his New Deal Administration kept being shut down by the supreme court. Most of the Judges did not follow Roosevelt plan to break free from the depression. He realized that none of the supreme court judges were elected in his terms, so he wanted to got ones that would agree with his plans. Though most of the thing he proposed were unconstitutional, he got shut down with the supreme court.

German Unification of Austria


his is a time when Austria and Germany united, because they are basically the same heritage. Hitler was originally from Austria and wanted both Germany and Austria to unite like a mother father horsemanship.

Neville Chamberlain "Peace in our time"

September 29, 1938

Neville Chamberlain was the Prime Minister of Germany, he gave a speech that wanted peace between Europe and Germany. It was an agreement never to go to war with one another.

The Night of Broken Glass

November 9, 1938

Nazi officials terrorized the Jewish towns. This night was a night were the Nazis went around striking fear into the Jews eyes. Destroying all the Jewish stores, killing women, men, and even children. Then only reason for this was to harassing, and upsetting the Jew community.

Wizard of Oz Release

August 25, 1939

At this day in age, it was hard to make a movie that intrigue the public without and inappropriate scenes, it also had to pass some tough critics. Although it went over budget and was the most expensive production of that time, it was still the most popular movie in that time.


Invasion of Poland

September 1, 1939

Both countries had tactical goals that they both wanted to achieve, they agreed to form a secret contract, this was called the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. This marked the first hint of WWII

Anne Frank family flees Germany

December 8, 1939

Anne Frank's family left Germany because the Nazi's were persecuting Jews. It made their lives very difficult, having to live in secrecy. So they fled to Amsterdam.

Third Inauguration of FDR

January 30,1941

This inauguration marked the commencement of Roosevelt's third four year term, and yet the only four year turn of Henry A. Wallace as the Vice President.

America's Entry into WW II

December 18, 1941

The Japanese had bombed our naval base in Hawaii, we were not going to let then get away for it. On December 7, 1941 Japan declared war on the US and Britain. World War II had begun.