Mandatory Malta Detainment Timeline.

A timeline that sparked the mandatory detainment of migrants in Malta.


The Second Sudanese Civil War

1983 - 2005

The Second Sudanese Civil War is a conflict between the central Sudanese government and the Sudan People's Liberation Army.
The conflict was primarily racial and religiously driven. People would flee to Europe to escape violence and famine that broke out due to the fighting. They also wanted to escape persecution on account of the war being strongly religious and racial oriented.

Somalian Civil War

1991 - Present

The Somalian civil war is an ongoing conflict between clan-based opposition groups fighting for power. The violence the war has sparked has caused many Somalians to flee and apply for asylum in Europe.

Algerian Civil War Continuation

2002 - Present

The Islamist militia rebelled against the Maghreb. The conflict is a continuation of the Algerian civil war and has caused many people to flee the violence.

Migrants in Malta

2002 - 2009

Malta began to receive an abnormal amount of migrants from North Africa. Over 15,000 total migrants have arrived between 2002 and 2009.

Mandatory Detention

2003 - Present

Malta responds to the abnormal amount of migrants by initiating a mandatory detention program for asylum seekers. The detainment is to last 18 months.

Dense population of Malta

2005 - Present

Malta begins to experience overcrowding and lack of resources due to the dense population of the island. The population has rapidly increased on account of the vast amount of migrants arriving from North Africa.

War in Somalia

2006 - 2009

The war in Somalia between Ethiopian and Somalians, following the Somalian civil war, caused people to flee to Europe to escape the violence once again. Malta continues to enforce its mandatory detention program on migrants.