world history project




lids stoped going to school because of all the fighting and yhe kids being killed



the men are not aloud to be there when kids are on the school grounds are in the classes


may 2011

the army would take ouer again in the summer time when the kids were not there

take over

november 23 2011

school were taken over for military use


1/12/2012 - 4/29/2012

kids were killed but landmines or know ase (ied) and they were placed all over the school to try to kill the armed men


february 21 2012

the elections for president was going on and there was only one person on the list


march 2012

smipers can back to the school and in that doing more gun fights happened on the school area

the govrenment

march 2012

the govenment made all military people leave school when kids were in the school

armed people

march 12 2012

the first armored division had to atand at the front gate of all the school to keep the enemy out of the schools at night


march 25 2012

people started to shoot at schools and try to blow them up


march 2013

there are still 5 school that are knowen to still have military nem on the school grounds