Egyptian Civilization

3150 B.C.

Started with the uniting of lower and upper Egypt under their first Pharaoh, Menes. It officially ended when the early Roman empire concurred Egypt and made it into a providence.

Hieroglyphic Script

3100 B.C.

The hieroglyphics were written as a formal writing system. All the information from the battle came from hieroglyphics written.

Pyramids of Giza built

2600 B.C.

Built in fourth dynasty for the pharaoh Khufu and is the largest of the three stone pyramids in Giza. It is 147 meters high and is about 6,500,000 tons.

Ahmos Unified Egypt

1600 B.C.

Ahmose unified the country. He was a pharaoh who ruled ancient Egypt 1500 B.C. to 1525 B.C. The Hyksos which were a group of people from the Levant, and became the first pharaoh of upper and lower Egypt.

The 10 plagues in Egypt

1446 B.C.

God's hand was on Egypt because he showed them He was in ultimate control. This was the punishment for the King, he thought his plans were the best, but ultimately it was God's choice.

Israelists leaving Egypt

1440 B.C.

In the bible it states, "And the Egyptians will know I am God when I take Israel out of them." This shows that God was really in control. Pharaoh couldn't stop them because God was the ultimate King.

Egypt Split

1100 B.C.

Egypt split creating upper and lower Egypt. 1100 B.C. This started the third intermediate period.

Assyrians Ruled

669 B.C. - 525 B.C.

Assyrians came from Mesopotamia. They conquered the Egyptians and controlled the country until the Persians came.

Battle of Megiddo

609 B.C.

This is a battle between Egypt and the Babylonians at Carcamesh in northern Syria. This was God showing His power and judgement on Egypt. God allowed them to pass the king of Judah to get to the Battle.

Persians Ruled

525 B.C. - 332 B.C.

Persians came from the near east. They defeated the Assyrians and ruled Egypt.