Egyptian Timeline



Predynastic Period

5500 bc - 3051 bc

The period before "civilization". Lots of pottery was made. They decorated the pottery with gazelles.


Early Dynastic Period

3050 bc - 2686 bc

The earliest hieroglyphs were discovered during this time period. Menes ruled in this period.

Old Kingdom

2686 bc - 2181 bc

Major advances in architecture, art, and technology were made in this period. The Giza Pyramids and The Great Sphinx were made in this period.

Pyramid of Djoser

2630 B.C. - 2611 B.C.

First Intermediate Period

2181 bc - 1991 bc

After the central central government collapsed during the Old KIngdom, the economy was messed up. A war started between Herakleopolitans and Nebhepetres.

Middle Kingdom

2134 bc - 1690 bc

The pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom restored the country's prosperity and stability. During the decline the Canaanite settlers began to seize control of the Delta region.

Second Intermediate Period and the Hyksos

1674 bc - 1549 bc

The Hyksos settled in a town called Avaris and seized control of Egypt. The Hyksos and Semitic invaders introduced new tools of warfare to Egypt. wikipedia

New kingdom

1549 bc - 1069 bc

In the New Kingdom the Pharaohs began a large scale building campaign to promote the god Amun. They also constructed monuments to glorify their own achievements, both real and imagined. wikipedia

The Battle of Megiddo

1479 B.C.


Third Intermediate Period

1069 bc - 653 bc

In the mid 9th century bc Egypt made a failed attempt to once more gain a foothold in Western Asia. The Egyptians international prestige declined considerably towards the end of the Third Intermediate Period. wikipedia

Late Period

672 bc - 332 bc

In 653 B.C. the Saite king was able to free Egypt. Egypt was never able to permanently overthrow the Persians.

Battle of Carchemish

605 B.C.