Biology Timeline


Gregor Mendel

1856 - 1863

By doing experiments with garden peas, Mendel led to the discovery of basic genetics.

Thomas Hunt Morgan

1908 - 1911

By studying how fruit flies mated and what the offspring looked like, Morgan concluded that there are sex linked traits.

Oswald Avery

1927 - 1948

Avery discovered, with the help of this colleagues, that DNA was the transforming agent in Fredrick Griffiths' experiment.

Fredrick Griffith

January 1928 - 1932

While trying to discover a cure for pneumonia, Griffith stumbled upon a process of heredity called transformation.

James Watson and Francis Crick

1951 - April 25, 1953

Both of these brilliant scientists figured out the structure of DNA.

Rosalind Franklin

1951 - 1953

She contributed to Watson and Crick's experiment by taking X-ray diffraction photos of DNA.

Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase

1952 - 1956

With the help of Martha Chase, tested whether DNA or protein was transfered by bacteriophages. DNA was transfered.

Human Genome Project

1990 - 2003

Japan, Germany, China and many other countries contributed to the United States' Human Genome Project so that they could identify all 20,000 genes in DNA.