West. Civ. Test

March 5th, 2013


Athens Abuses the Delian League

300 BCE

Athens is a powerhouse. They are abusing the Delian League for economical reasons and bullying other small city-states.

Corinth Gives Sparta an Ultimatum

299 BCE

Corinth is in alliance with Athens and Sparta. They go to Sparta and say that they have to tell Athens to stop bullying them or else they will leave their alliance.

Sparta Gives Athens an Ultimatum

298 BCE

Sparta goes to Athens and tells them to stop bullying other city-states or they will start a war with Athens. Athens blows them off.

Sparta Starts the Peloponnesian War

297 BCE

Pericles's Tactics

296 BCE

Pericles was the general in power of Athens at the time of the start to the Peloponnesian war. He wanted Athenians to hide behind their strong walls, never fight on land because he knew that Sparta had the hoplites, so they would not win on land, and to only fight on the sea because he knew that their navy was their only chance at winning.

Post-Pericles Stalemate

295 BCE

Pericles and many others died in the plague that went around Athens during the time that they were hiding behind their walls. The generals become more aggressive and there is a stalemate between Sparta and Athens. No one advances.


294 BCE

Alcibiades is the new general for Athens and he plans an attack on Sicily because they have good stuff and good treasures. He ends up being too powerful for Athens and they dismiss him so he goes to Sparta and sells Athens out by telling the Spartans the plan for the Sicilian attack. As a result, the Sicilian expedition fails.

Stalemate Again

293 BCE

Sparta settled by Athens and this bothered them, so there was yet another stalemate. Sparta goes to Persia and asks them for money so they can build a navy fleet. They are now strong enough to take down Athens.

End of the Peloponnesian War

292 BCE

Athens loses the war. They lose democracy and the Thirty Tyrants are installed.

Power Vacuum in Greece

291 BCE

Now that the war has been won by the Spartans, there is now a bunch of emptiness because the main power left Greece thus creating a power vacuum.

Philip II

290 BCE

Philip II took advantage of the power vacuum and comes in, bringing diplomacy, bribery, and military tactics. He also brought the Macedonian Phalanx. He had a new target, Persia, but was killed before he even started the campaign.

Alexander the Great

289 BCE

Alexander takes over after his father's death and goes on his journey to "conquer the world." He first goes to Troy, then unties the Gordian Knot by slicing through it with his sword, then he battled King Darius of Persia and won. He went to Egypt and became a pharaoh, confirming his ideas that he was divine and the son of Zeus. Alexander then goes back to Persia and then goes to Persia where his men cannot fend off the guerrillas. They settle this by having Alexander marry Roxane, he unknowingly gets her preggerz and then he moves on to India. When they get there, they get caught in a monsoon and realize that they ain't about that lyfe, so they go back to Persia and Alexander dies of either a venereal disease, drinking, or a broken heart after his friend/lover Hephaistion dies.