Untitled timeline


Abraham and his family move to Canaan

1800 bc

Descendants move to Eqypt

1650 bc

Moses is born

1320 bc

The Exodus

1300 bc

The Hebrews fled Egypt,

Moses goes to Mount Sinai

1280 bc

Gets the 10 commandments!

The Hebrews wandered for 40 years

1250 bc

In the sinai desert, what they did is later found in the bible

The Hebrews expanded from Canaan and went south and north

1000 bc

The land was to harsh
Was the land promised to them by God

The Kingdom Divides

922 bc

Israel has the north and Judah has the south

Jesus was born

6 bc

Jesus goes to Jerusalem

29 ad

Constantine declared no more persecution of Christians

313 ad

Nicene creed was written

325 ad

Rome falls

476 ad

Cloves unites Franks under Christian rule


Muhammad preaches publicly in mecca


Muhammad leaves mecca


Muhammad returns to mecca after making a Hijrah to mecca


Muhammad dies


Frankish king crowned Charlemagne emperor


Christian church divides