Israel and Palestine


Abraham, his family, and their herds made their way to Canaan

1800 B.C

The descendants of Abraham moved to Egypt

1650 B.C

Hebrews fled Egypt

1300 B.C

Hebrews united under three able kings, Saul, David, and Solomon

1020 B.C - 922 B.C

The new kingdom was called Israel

David was succeeded by his son Solomon

962 B.C

The kingdom was divided in two

922 B.C

The kingdom was divided in two, Israel was in the north and Judah was in the south

The Assyrians began a relentless siege of Samaria

725 B.C

Samaria was the capital of Israel

The whole northern kingdom had fallen to the Assyrians'

722 B.C

The Persian king Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon

539 B.C

Walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt

445 B.C

Jews driven out of Palestine

135 A.D

Muhammad's death

632 A.D

Abbasid Caliphate

750 A.D - 1258

Abbasids came to power

750 A.D

Rebel groups overthrew the Umayyads

750 A.D

The Abbasids moved the capital

762 A.D

Abbasids moved the capital to a newly created city, Baghdad

UN General Assembly voted for a partition of Palestine


The UN General Assembly wanted to separate Palestine into a Palestine state and a Jewish State

Creation of independent Israel


David Ben Gurion, a long time leader of the Jews in Palestine, announced the creation of an independent Israel.

Suez Crisis


Egypt seized control of the Suez Canal which was controlled by British interests. The British made an agreement with France and Israel to retake the canal.

Palestine Liberation Organization is formed


Palestinians officials formed the Palestinian Liberation Organization(PLO) to push for the formation of a Palestinian state.

Six-Day War


Israel defeated the Arab states in what became known as the Six-Day war because it was over in six days.

Ariel Sharon was elected Israeli prime minister


Palestinian leaders appointed there first ever prime Minister


High-ranking PLO official, Mahmoud Abbas