Religions Timeline

World Events


Abraham Moves to Canaan

1800 B.C.

The book of Genesis says that God told Abraham to move his people to Canaan. He took his family and their herds and moved there.

Abraham moves to Egypt

1650 B.C.

After living in Canaan, the decedents of Abraham moved to Egypt.

Hebrews Fled Egypt

1300 B.C. - 1200 B.C.

The Hebrews fled Egypt. The Jews call this even "The Exodus". They remember it during Passover.

Solomon becomes king.

962 B.C.

Solomon becomes king. His father was David, his mother was Bathsheba. He helped the kingdom build a trading empire with the help of his friend Hiram. He built a large temple. It was there to glorify God. It was the permanent home for the Ark of the Covenant.

Approximentally 200 years of fighting for Israel and Judah.

922 B.C. - 722 B.C.

For 200 years after the division of the country, Judah and Israel fought each other, and sometimes joined together and fought. Each of the kingdoms had periods of prosperity, followed by low periods of conflict and decline.

Kingdom Divides into Two.

922 B.C.

After Solomon dies, the Jews in the northern part of the kingdom revolted. Israel was in the North, Judah was in the South.

Warding off Assyrians

738 bc

Israel and Judah pay tribute (peace money paid by a weaker power to a stronger power) to try and keep the Assyrians from attacking them.

Assyrians started to seige Samaria

725 B.C.

The Assyrians start to attack and siege of Samaria, which is the capital of Israel. The northern kingdom fell to Assyrians by 722 B.C. The Southern part of Judah resisted for another 150 years before it too was destroyed.


Muhammad Dies


Muhammad dies.

Abu-Bakr Dies


Abu-Bakr dies, he was one of the "rightly guided" caliphs.

Uthman Murdered


Uthman was murdered.

Ali assassinated


Ali, the son-in law of Muhammad